weekend highlights

  • yesterday afternoon we hung out at the beach with friends for about 2 hours.  by the time we left if was 6:30 and they girls were starving.  since it was so late, we just stopped by wendy’s and got them cheeseburgers on the way home.  not only did layne eat an entire cheeseburger, she ate it faster than her big sister did.  i scraped off most of the condiments and just squished it really good so she could get her mouth around it and she went to town.  i was so annoyed that i didn’t have the camera because it was so funny looking to see a one year old eating a hamburger just like an adult would.
  • butter was 2 for $4 at publix yesterday.  when i got home and was putting things away, i couldn’t figure out where my 2nd box of butter got to.  when we opened the back of the car to get the beach toys out, we found it…totally melted and steadily leaking out of one end.  my car still smells a little like butter.
  • took some photos of gunnar.  i was just happy to be in the same room with him again.  so precious!
  • the message at church yesterday was extremely challenging to me.  pastor is doing a short series on revelation.  contrary to what i’d thought, he didn’t talk about the end times.  he talked about the shortcomings of one of the last churches: laodicea.  God despises lukewarm.  so convicting.

gotta run: load the dishwasher, switch over the laundry, make cookies with harper, and pick up the post-weekend clutter.  love to all!


One Comment to “weekend highlights”

  1. i love these kinds of posts.

    and, i too, wish you had gotten a pic of laynie with that cheeseburger. 🙂

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