things i learned today:

  • apparently i complain about our house way too much.  harper informed me while i was sweeping today that “our house is way too small”.
  • bludomain is not my favorite company.  i am STILL waiting for them to transfer my domain.  it’s been 10 days.  my website doesn’t exist right now.
  • layne is starting an attachment phase.  her most favorite place to be: glued to my leg or my hip.
  • i have definitely, for sure, passed my love of sweets onto harper.  we made cookies today and she was hilarious licking the beater when we were done.  she had batter in her hair, on her legs, all over her hands, face, etc…
  • i stake way too much of my happiness on receiving e-mails (especially if they’re from bludomain).
  • after a phone call with wells fargo, i discovered that i know nothing about a profit & loss statement.
  • i am very secretly critical of almost everyone i ever see.  i am a snob.  alot. (ex: “that lady is way too old to be dressing like that”) my friend amy just wrote a post about this.
  • the library is a very forgiving system.
  • my sister’s correct zip code (but, of course, it wasn’t until after i’d already left the PO).
  • you should always read a recipe all the way through BEFORE you mix everything perfectly and then realize it’s supposed to refrigerate overnight.
  • today is princess diana memorial day.


2 Comments to “things i learned today:”

  1. I am also guilty of the recipe one…..I don’t always read all the way through and then find it out it will take way longer than I have the time for or I’m missing something.

  2. It’s also the anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death…they died the same day. Interesting.

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