i guess you say…

what can make me feel this way?

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one of my favorite things about having a very verbal 3 year old is that she says alot of things the wrong way.  like many of us did, i’m sure, she says many things the way they sound.  a few examples that i hope i never forget:

  • tummyache- “tummy egg”
  • first lines of under the sea from the little mermaid– “under the sea, under the sea, darlin it’s better shower wetter, take it from me…”
  • band-aid- “band and”
  • no matter how many time i explain it, when i say “we’re going to run errands”, she never understands why we don’t end up at aunt ERIN’s house.
  • vitamins- “bite-a-mins”
  • tonight she said that justin was her husband.  justin is her cousin. 
  • remember- “bamember”
  • seagull- “eagle”

i can’t think of anymore right now, but if i remember, i’ll add them later.

a cute story i just remembered regarding this (and regarding justin):

when he was 4 years old, justin would call ryan (my husband) “uncle roar”.  it took us a while to figure out why he kept calling him that.  apparently, justin thought ryan’s name was LION.


2 Comments to “i guess you say…”

  1. Love this. 🙂

    And, almost every time there is a mention of Justin I think of “Uncle Roar.” So fun. Such great memories.

  2. WE MISS HER ALOT …………….. Ryan, Layne and you, too.

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