i’ve found some cool housewares at goodwill lately.  at least they’re cool now.  on the shelf surrounded by much junk, maybe not so much.

first up, this book storage thingy.  i had been looking for one of these for awhile so i was stoked when i found it.  it was a rust red color with some faded letters on the front (so faded that i never could figure out what they said).  i sanded it and painted it with a glossy “real green”.  i decopauged “read” on the front with some leftover scrapbook paper.  here’s what it looks like now:



next are some cool candle holders that i’m using as coasters.  if you look closely, you’ll see that my beloved silver table is pretty much ruined from us being too careless with beverages.  i hate coasters, but i really love my table.  i’ve learned my lesson.  anyway, aren’t they cool?  (yes, they are glass and yes, that is RISKY.)

2009_08_26_1911 copy

i’m always on the lookout for things i can “remake” or repurpose.  this frame caught my eye and i knew i could definitely turn it into something cool (i figured out when my girls were born that cool “one year” frames are hard to find…).  it was pretty beat up and just something i would never hang in my house.


i really don’t think my friend kristen reads this blog, but kristen, if you do and you are seeing this before i give it to you, i’m so sorry!  i just really wanted to do this post today.  🙂  here is the frame after (the baby’s name is gunnar):


those pictures make the letters look off center for some reason (i just panicked and ran in the other room to make sure they were centered).  the bottom circles have his birthday 08 20 09.  lastly, found this cool candle holder a few weeks ago.  i can’t figure out if it used to have glass, but i really don’t care.  i love it.



2009_08_26_1909no idea why that “display” picture is cloudy.  both my 50mm prime lenses are broken, one moreso than the other.  today i was practicing shooting manual with the less-broken one (it doesn’t shoot in automatic focus anymore).

anyway, happy thrifting!  you never know what you’ll find (and that’s why i love it!).


6 Comments to “re-used”

  1. I’m with you on repurposing things….I think it’s so much more fun to use them in “another direction” -lots more creative. You do a great job at it!

  2. umm.. you totally make that sanding/painting thing sound and look way easy! love the stuff:)

  3. girl, you are so creative! I love the book case thingy!

  4. Really cool stuff, girl ..

    Love you

  5. Looks so good…it will go perfect in his nursery. Where did you find the lettering?

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