• yesterday was our (me & ryan) SEVEN year anniversary!  i seriously cannot believe it’s been seven years, but at the same time it seems accurate to think that we’ve been “together” for 11 (we met in the spring of 1998).  thanks to my good friend jenny’s babysitting we were able to go out for a NICE dinner at The Riverhouse.  last time we went there was for our 3rd anniversary.  it sounds stupid because i’ve only eaten there twice, but that place is seriously my favorite restaurant i’ve ever been to.  amazing steak & mushrooms, gourmet salad bar, on the water, with my best friend: can’t beat it.


  • i’ve made it almost a week using my mouth guard.  i can’t really tell too much of a difference.  my jaw is still sore on one side, but maybe not quite as much.  it’s defintely easier to sleep without it, but i’ve adjusted to having it in my mouth all night alot quicker than i’d thought i would.



  • today was harper’s first day of school.  she did great.  when i dropped her off she didn’t blink an eye…practically ran into the classroom (she’d been talking about that room since the first time we visited).  when i picked her up 3 hours later, she said that she’d cried on the playground because she wanted me, but she seemed fine so i didn’t make it a big deal.  fun facts: there is another little girl in her class named harper.  haven’t seen her yet, but harper said she has dark hair.  also, there’s a little boy in her class named layne…spelled the same way and everything.  can’t wait to see what they look like.  she ended up not even needing the backpack, so we may put it away until VPK next year…or at least until she needs it for an overnight trip or something.

4 Comments to “tidbits.”

  1. another harper? AND a layne?! what are the odds??? 🙂

  2. she looks so grown up….where has the time gone? and seven years doesn’t seem possible that we were celebrating your wedding. Glad you all got a good evening away!

  3. make sure you LOVE those little girls now with patience and kindness in abundance. Before you know it they’ll be leaving for college and a man’s arms.

    I hope they find one as good as you did.

    Congratulations to Ryan and you … prayers to you for a lifetime together.

  4. I love the progression of your marriage…talking about seven years and a mouth guard in the same blog. That’s true love. What about Ryan’s retainer and nose strips?

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