some random snippets from my day:

  • a few weeks ago i found an ariel jigsaw puzzle at world thrift.  harper’s finished it, with my help, about 6 times.  every time we do it she gets faster.  the other night i decided to just take random pieces out of the completed puzzle and have her put them back in.  it was ridiculous how fast she could get 10 or 15 pieces back into the 70 piece puzzle.  so, i decided she needed  a new one.  got a 24 piece at target today.  it said 3+ on the side, so when i opened the box, i decided to give her no help at all and just see how far she could get.  she had the thing totally finished in about 10 minutes.  i was so proud.  i’m gonna let her do it a few more times and then video it and see how fast she can do it.  it is SO much fun watching her figure new things out and to see the sense of accomplishment she enjoys afterward.
  • we visited harper’s school for about 15 minutes this morning.  just picked up a calendar and her supply list and talked with the director about drop-off procedure and what-not.  harper is SO excited….wait, i’m pretty excited, too, actually!  hopefully when tuesday comes around she’ll be pushing me out of the way at the door to get in like she was today.
  • layne climbed up into the chick-fil-a playground again today, but this time around there were A TON of kids in there.  i heard a blood-curdling scream and had to climb up into the stinking thing.  some brat had pushed her down (at least that’s what another little girl told me).  we did not hang around much longer…had to get to target to buy school supplies!  (us, and every other family within a 10 mile radius)
  • i had sweet tea at lunch today and i just LOVE how much energy that caffeine gives me at the gym.  i’m not normally a caffeine person, but i ran 3 miles pretty easily today and i haven’t done that in a few months.  (plus the tea just tastes SO darn good.)
  • keep forgetting to report this: my excema is back in full force.  i’m a little relieved that i’m not allergic to sonic, but super annoyed because i really thought i had figured out what was causing it (although i have eaten other fast food and am wondering if maybe it’s just that in general…maybe i need to nix fast food for 6 months…hmmm….i don’t know if i could do that!).
  • layne was walking around today the most i’ve ever seen her.  she still just takes about 10 steps at a time, but she’s doing it totally on her own more now than i’ve ever seen….confidence is growing, i guess.  won’t be long until she’s keeping up with harper!  (scary!!!)
  • got a call tonight from my sweet sister-in-law julie yesterday and a confirmation call tonight.  they are flying me (and harper) out to springfield (MO) at the end of september to take pictures at her brother’s wedding reception (he got married a few months ago).  i’m so excited!  i’ll make a little money and get to hang out with family that we hardly ever see…and have some fun time with harper!  thanks again for thinking of me, julie!
  • i’ve been plugging away on the website for about a week now.  it is so frustrating that i don’t ever get more than 2 hours or so in a day to work on it.  still, it’s slowly coming together and i’m really pleased with it so far….feels very much a few steps above the old one.

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