your mercy flows like a river wide….

and healing comes in your name

helpless children are safe in your arms


i’ve had that song in my head for days.  shane&shane version.  i love that song and i actually don’t mind when it becomes a brain worm.

nothing special going on the past few days.  i’ve been fighting a random cold so we haven’t really done too much.  don’t get me wrong…we’ve left the house.  i cannot spend an entire day in our tiny living space with two loud girlies.

because layne naps twice daily, my days are pretty much divided into three’s.  at least in my head they are.  1) after the girls wake up, before nap #1 [8:00-9:45]  2) time between layne’s naps [11:30-2:00]  3) after layne’s second nap (and harper’s, if she takes one), before bedtime [4:00 – 7:30].  i honestly usually try to squeeze something into each third that has to do with leaving the house…even if it’s just going to the gym (downstairs) or the pool (about 6 blocks away).  i have no idea how people up north survive life with small children when they’re snowed inside for days at a time.  i would LOSE IT.

harper is in sort of a funk.  i can’t figure it out.  she has been SO demanding and selfish and pretty much bratty for about a week now and i am at a loss.  layne is starting to walk more and is basically a sponge right now as far as learning things/figuring things out, so ryan and i are thinking maybe that has something to do with harper’s funny business.  something’s gotta give, though.  it is seriously getting old.  at least 4 times today i had the thought, “i cannot wait until she is in school.”  that makes me sad because i really really try to treasure all the time i have with her at this age and i don’t want to wish her away…even if that “her” is being a brat.  i just have to keep telling myself that she is testing me and it’s a test i cannot fail.  the other day she got a spanking so hard that she still had a welt like 5 hours later.  as soon as the welt was gone, so was her good behaviour.  ugh.  anyway, of course we still have alot of fun every day and she cracks me up and all that, i just sometimes feel like i need to blog about these frustrations so i’ll remember it later down the road.

layne got woken up when we put harper to bed tonight and was NOT happy about it.  when she was still telling us how unhappy she was like 20 minutes later (by screaming for no reason like someone was sawing off her leg), we decided to move harper into our bed for a few hours.  i was ticked because my plan all day today was to work on my website for at least 2 hours tonight.  i can’t work on my website when harper is on the bed 4 feet away.  so, as annoyed as i was, ryan and i ended up watching a movie in “the neutral zone” (the living room), which is always nice.

then, here i am.  it’s almost 11:00 so i need to get to bed.  i’m about to go boil my new mouth guard and hope it fits in my mouth as good as it needs to to stop my jaw from hurting.  i got it at wal-mart for $20 and am SO hoping it will save me from getting one from the dentist (they’re like $300).  i still can’t figure out when exactly i’m grinding my teeth (almost every time i wake up, my mouth is open), but whatever.


2 Comments to “your mercy flows like a river wide….”

  1. I love that song! I hope the mouthguard worked!

  2. Hang in there, Katie! I have those feelings a lot. Stay the course and be consistent with expectations/consequences. That helps me. You will have a nice break in another month when you come to Springfield! Bring your appetite-we’ll take you to all our favorites!

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