burning the midnight oil

ryan left for the keys this morning.

i’m up late trying to work on my website.  it is seriously tedious.  it’s sort-of fun and kinda NOT.  i am a horrible decision-maker and these are really important decisions.  i’m very thankful for the new site and VERY excited for people to see it, but it’s taking me alot longer to get everything organized than i thought it would.

anyway, we had a nice day.  hung out here all morning (did i mention the website?) and then hit the pool around noon for an hour or so.  i started a new thing with harper a few days ago where instead of “naptime”, she gets “rest time” and she can choose whether or not she wants to take a nap.  every day she’s had “rest time”, she’s chosen to take a nap.  awesome.  if only i’d known this reverse psychology would work so well, i’d have started it 6 months ago.  the only drawback to the new philosophy is that layne naps in our room every day, so i can’t do anything on the computer (I NEED A NEW LAPTOP!!!).  it’s stinks, but it’s totally worth it if it means not battling it out with harper every day at 1:30 and not running in there every 4 minutes whisper-yelling at her not to wake up layne.

after naptime we played around here for a little while and then headed to CRchicks.  i didn’t feel like rustling up anything for dinner or cleaning up afterwards, so it was nice.  the reason we went there is because every time we eat there, both kids absolutely CHOW down.  it’s one of the only times harper ever cleans her plate.

went straight to the gym when we got back from dinner, and then straight to the bathtub after the gym.

after layne went to bed, harper and i watched some jon&kate plus 8 (which i think i’m going to start boycotting) and then a dramatic episode of little house on the prairie (good ol DVR…it only took us 45 minutes to watch 1 1/2 hours of tv).

harper finally was in bed around 9:00 and then fireworks started up after the baseball game ended around 9:45…i’m pretty sure that’s when harper had just fallen asleep because she came running out.  of course i let her watch through the window.  i’d planned to work on the website from like 8:30 until now, but that didn’t really happen.  oh well.  i just have to remember that it’s getting somewhere, it’s just happening in stages.

heading to natalie’s tomorrow for the afternoon.  we’ll spend the night there and then head down to clearwater on sunday morning, stay for 4 or 5 hours and then head home.  ryan should be here to meet us when we get back.  hopefully with alot of lobster and a tan.


2 Comments to “burning the midnight oil”

  1. hhmmm very nice post .

  2. What positive can you possibly get from Jon & Kate, now. They are both so focused on proving what great parents they are their show is a JOKE! … How come they didn’t focus all that positive parenting energy on staying together and being role models for married families, rather than divorce.

    That had a choice and chose the wrong direction .. Christian couples MUST stand firm and work through issues NOT run from them. They did brag on being Christian, didn’t they… Shame on them.

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