photo catch-up

first up, these are a few pictures from when my mom, candie, was in town 2 weeks ago.  we had a great time.  these shots are from when we went out to dinner at waterway cafe (have y’all done the twilight dinner?  great food at a GREAT price).

2009_07_26_1624 BLOG   2009_07_26_1632 BLOG

next up: homemade snow cones.  randomly came across an ice shaver on clearance at wal-mart for $5.  as much as i love sno-cones and frozen margaritas, i couldn’t pass it up.  we’ve only used it once, and i couldn’t find the syrup in the store (see a few posts back as to why i couldn’t find anything in the store that day) so i had to make homemade stuff out of kool-aid mix, but i see a great future for this “appliance”.  harper’s been begging me to make it again…maybe tomorrow.

IMG_1274 BLOG  IMG_1277 BLOG

harper finger-painting one morning…always turns into painting her hands.


this is pretty self-explanatory.


IMG_1295 BLOGryan and i got to go on a date last night!!  yahoo!  i literally cannot remember the last time we went out on an “official” date.  we went to guanabana’s…i’ve been hearing so many great things about it lately (and also about how long of a wait it always is), so i figured it’d be fun to try on a weeknight.  he leaves for the keys (lobster!) in the morning, so we figured last night was our best bet…first week we’ve had in forever with no sports for either of us.  it was the first time in 3 years we’ve ever paid a babysitter.  she did a great job, but it was SO hard to write that check when we got home!  we’ve always had either family or friends babysit for us, but we kind of feel like we’ve exhausted those resources lately, so that’s why we found someone to pay.

IMG_1298 BLOGi really, really enjoyed the restaurant, but i was super disappointed with what i ordered.  there were no descriptions below the names of the food.  i’m an idiot, though, because this was pretty self-explanatory… “blue cheese wedge salad”.  it was a quarter-head of iceberg lettuce drizzled with blue cheese and crumbles of blue cheese and bacon, surrounded by cherry tomatoes.  i was SO glad we’d just finished a huge platter of loaded nachos….just ticked that i paid $9 for this so-called “salad”.



lastly, my girls playing in our pillows.  i love love love how they are starting to play together more and more.  harper’s more tolerant and layne is more capable.



4 Comments to “photo catch-up”

  1. love this! can’t wait to see the girls on sunday. they are getting tooooo big!

  2. That salad is ridiculous, I mean seriously do people really like that stuff??!!

  3. You took your camera on a date with your husband? Weird …. >

  4. Katie you SO should have had us watch the girls!!!!!

    PS… the pic of Layne in the bookcase is hilarious!

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