my nephew owen is almost 3.  he’s a pretty average toddler boy…eats alot, likes to run around and yell alot, etc.  however, one thing sets him waaay apart from his pint-sized peers: owen is OBSESSED with golf.  i asked my sister-in-law (and great friend) julie to write a guest post for me about her sweet son:

Hello, BLESSED readers!  This is Julie Buerke, sister-in-law to Katie.  She asked me a while back to do a guest post on her blog, so I’m finally here.  My almost 3-year-old son, Owen, has a very unique love (or maybe obsession is the better word) with the game of golf. After spending a week together at the BFR (Buerke Family Reunion), Katie was quite amazed to hear and see firsthand how Owen’s love of the game plays out in his daily life.  So, here are a list of the quirky ways Owen expresses his love of the game.

owen and my brother bob in matching Titleist hats

owen and my brother bob in matching Titleist hats

-Hands down his favorite activity to do with Daddy is go to the driving range, golf course, or just hit balls in the backyard.  He asks for this the second Bob comes home.  [note by katie: you have to understand that owen isn’t even three yet and he rides along with bob in the cart for 9 holes, getting out at each hole to pick out a club, hit his shots while bob takes his, and then get back into the cart…usually without even being asked]

-He turns random objects into golf clubs, sand, tees or flags (see picture).  His favorite makeshift golf club in the flyswatter, though any long and thin object will do.  One day while at my parent’s house, I couldn’t figure out what he was doing on the area rug until I realized he was putting from the “sand”.  The rug doesn’t look anything like sand (it’s bright and paisley) but he still decided it was a sand trap.  Lately, he’s been using coasters as “tees” to hit off of in the living room.

the little putting green my brother made for owen

the little putting green my brother made for owen

-He can identify the different types of clubs by name (I can’t even do this).  He can also identify Tiger, Phil, and a few other famous golfers.  (Funny story: we live in Springfield, MO which unfortunately is not a very diverse place (aka, very white).  On more than one occasion, Owen has seen an african american person and said, “Tiger!”)

-Though he loves PBS and Noggin, he would just the same prefer to watch a golf tournament on t.v.  He often asks Bob to turn on the golf channel (we don’t have it at our house-only at my parent’s-and I’m kind of glad).

this is owen at camp popanan making a golf hole out of a stool, a fly swatter, and a walking stick

this is owen at camp popanan making a golf hole out of a stool, a fly swatter, and a walking stick

-If left up to him, Owen would choose the Golf Digest magazine as his bedtime reading of choice, probably most nights.  Of course we read real books to him most of the time instead, but looking through the magazine is a really exciting thing for him.

So, these are just a few of the funny ways Owen loves golf.  I’m sure I will think of more later.  We obviously want him to maintain some balance in his life, so golf is not something we talk about all the time or even let him do 24/7.  He definitely has other interests too, so I’m not too worried that he won’t be well-rounded.  Who knows…maybe we have a future Tiger on our hands?

[another note by katie: i swear every word of this is true.  NO exaggeration.  it is hilarious and just…well…special!]


2 Comments to “owen”

  1. so cute. i love it! 🙂

  2. That’s hilarious!

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