rewind on the past few days…

right now i’m sitting at the computer while layne naps and harper watches “carebears nutcracker”.  yes, it is random, but she was with daddy at the library last night.  he said, “that’s what she wanted, so that’s what she got”.

just finished cleaning up a painty mess in the kitchen.  i asked harper if she wanted to fingerpaint…always turns into really just painting her fingers.  she does enjoy actually painting, but i think she likes the messiness of it all more than anything else.

breakfast was Grands cinnamon rolls.  feel like i should start making them every friday.  or at least once a month.  those things are amazing.

last night was the soccer season championship.  we played two games in a row.  it was super fun and i couldn’t believe that i was still moving pretty fast even at the end of the second game.  i felt crappy all day yesterday and was before we started playing i was convinced i would pass out or something.  but when the game started, i felt great.  weird, but very cool.  (we won both games, by the way…the second one in overtime.)  got home around 10:00, gobbled up two slices of chicken pot pie and some cookie dough, and stayed up watching tv until 11:30.

i was super thankful for soccer last night because the past 24 hours had been rough.  on wednesday night layne had a super high fever and couldn’t kick it until i took at trip to cvs around 3:30 AM.  before that she was moaning and tossing and turning and taking turns in bed with me and in the pack n play in our room (ryan had to move to the couch).  it was pretty pitiful.  i happened to have her one year check-up scheduled for yesterday, so it worked out nicely.  doctor says it was probably roseola or something similar.  she had two shots and was SUPER fussy all day…  thank goodness she seems to be doing much better today…pretty much back to her old self.  yesterday she wouldn’t even really eat, and for her, that is a big deal.

wednesday we pretty much hung out here…went to publix in the morning.  harper didn’t nap, so that always makes for an interesting afternoon…no idea why i decided to go to wal-mart before dinnertime.  she was belting out “cruella deville” the whole time we were there.  hopefully the other shoppers thought it was “cute” because i didn’t have the energy to stop the concert.  they’re remodeling the store and it was absolutely ridiculous trying to get through my list…entire departments are in different places or…gone, it seemed.  the stuff that was there was crammed together so tight that it would be hard to get a regular-sized cart through the “aisles”, much less the semi that i was pushing (although it was brand new and super clean and i was excited about that).


3 Comments to “wassup”

  1. At least Harper doesn’t sing Jingle Bells through the store in the middle of summer. 🙂

  2. I HATE when Wal Mart changes everything around. It totally throws me off. I’m really anal about how I shop-I write my list in the order that items are located in the store, starting at the back and working my way forward. I swear it saves so much time, and when you have a toddler in the cart, that is very important. I also group like items together at the checkout, so when they’re bagged all the cold stuff and pantry stuff is together (etc.). This saves me time when I’m unloading at home. I guess we all have are weird ways. That must be a nation-wide thing, because all the Wal Mart’s here are being remodeled too.

  3. I’m so glad they are cleaning that walmart up it was in NEED of a serious facelift!

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