i, probably like many other people out there, don’t have too many memories from elementary PE class.  if i thought really hard, or was reminded by a classmate, i’m sure i could think of more, but right now this is what i got:

there was a large area in the schoolyard that was made up of all sand with railroad ties stacked on every side.  it was a pretty large area…maybe the size of 2 basketball courts.  i’m playing soccer.  i’ve never played it before and don’t know what i’m doing really, but i am loving it.  i don’t think about it being hot or about being tired or sweaty or even about the fact that i’m wearing a skirt.  all i think about is kicking the ball and running with it and outrunning people while i’m doing it.  the teacher (coach shifflett) blows the whistle.  a friend looks down at my leg and says, “EW!  there’s blood all over your leg.”  i look down, and she’s right.  i’d been kicked hard in the shin and blood had trickled down into my sock.  (this is a weird thing to remember, but i swear this is true) i remember thinking that i must’ve been having so much fun i didn’t notice any pain or any blood.  and all i wanted to do was get out there and play some more, but then the coach said class was over.

that was the last time i played soccer until i was a junior in college.

the first time i ever watched a soccer game (on TV or otherwise) was when i went away to college.  when ryan and i started dating, i tried to learn as much as i could about it.  i was insanely jealous of anyone on the girls’ soccer team or anyone i knew who’d played in high school.  i guess i thought ryan would like me better if i knew the game or something.  stupid.  it didn’t make a difference to him.  after we’d dated for a year or two, i had a few people talk to me thinking that obviously i must be on the girls’ team (not sure why except that i have an athletic build and my boyfriend was on the guys’ team).  i would get a huge smile on my face and tell them, “no, i run cross-country [but i really really wish i played soccer instead].”

i eventually played a little on some intramural teams, to the dismay of the other team members, i’m sure.

played some with my students when i taught PE, althought i pretty much let them teach the sport for me, since they knew more than i did.  (it was alot of fun to play with them, though…seriously…even the 6th graders.)

after i had harper, i heard about an over-25 league near us.  i decided that i was in good shape, and i was athletic (catch onto new sports fairly fast), so i’d try it.  that first game was the most fun i think i’d had in at least a year.  i was HOOKED.

this is my 5th “season”.  i cannot say enough how much i love playing in this league.  for me, right now in my life, soccer is an escape from EVERYTHING else going on in my life.  i literally think about nothing else during the games and that is the only time that ever happens.  it’s also great motivation to run/work-out at the gym in between games.  it is encouraging because there are women out there playing next to me who are literally 20 years older than me and they can keep up with me (and in a rare case, BEAT ME).  that is so fun to experience. 

i also really enjoy the league because it is a large group of very different women, from very different walks and stages of life, all enjoying the same thing at the same time.  i’ve formed relationships with women that i never would’ve met had it not been for soccer (we’re not best friends or anything, but still).

that’s all.  i just love it.

ps. my team won the league tonight!


2 Comments to “futbol.”

  1. Congrats on the win!!

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