I AM…sore and stiff.

I WANT…to go to the beach, but harper has a fever (is it terrible if i take them anyway?).

I HAVE…greasy hair.

I KEEP…forgetting what day it is.

I WISH I COULD…finish my website by snapping my fingers.

I HATE…our nasty cheap carpet

I FEAR…that my teeth-grinding is doing some serious damage.

I HEAR…Mary Poppins.

I DON’T THINK…i’ve shaved my legs in a week.

I REGRET…hardly anything.

I LOVE…Vanilla Coke.

I AM NOT…pregnant. 

I DANCE…sometimes at weddings.

I SING…in the shower, quite loudly.

I NEVER…go to the mall.

I RARELY…carry a real purse.

I CRY WHEN I WATCH…steel magnolias.

I AM NOT ALWAYS…motivated.

I HATE THAT…i never played soccer growing up.

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT…the whole health care thing. 

I NEED…to shave my legs..

I SHOULD…go do dishes!


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  1. this made me smile. maybe i should try it.

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