Happy Birthday Layne!

2009_07_05_1326 BLOGman, how time does fly.  and how quickly a newborn baby can turn into a wobbly, babbly pseudo-toddler.

today is layne’s first birthday.  we had a party for her while we were in Sebastian so that most of my family and ryan’s family could be there.  my nephew’s birthday is next week and ryan’s mom’s birthday was the day after we celebrated, so we had three names on the cake.  [the only time i’ve ever been disappointed with publix: they wouldn’t give us the free little baby cake because the large sheet cake didn’t have the word “first” on it.  i was annoyed but said i’d just buy the baby cake…i asked how much that would be…$16!!!  needless to say we just cut off a big corner piece for layne and stuck a #1 candle in it.]

i just sat down after going in to wake the girls up…sang layne happy birthday while i changed her diaper.  a year ago at this moment i was stuck in a hospital bed, my water broken, trying to will my cervix past 2 cm’s.  it’s honestly really difficult to think back to that morning becuase i was in alot of pain, frustrated that i was stuck in bed to deal with the pain (if you’re trying for a VBAC, they won’t let you walk around because of liability), confused as to why it hurt so much if i was barely dilated, and mad at God for not giving me what i wanted (or teaching my body to do what it was told).  when told i’d need another a c-section, i was simultaneously extremely angry/disappointed and secretly relieved that i wouldn’t have to deal with useless contractions anymore.  the rest of the day was a blur of sobbing in front of strangers, surgery, a rough recovery (vomiting, super low heart rate, and dizziness so bad i couldn’t sit up), family arriving at the hospital, and it taking forever until i honestly wanted to hold the pretty new baby.

2009_07_05_1356 BLOGon the other hand, when i think back to the next day, i think of nothing but sweetness.  she had no name, but i knew we’d come up with something cool.  harper came to meet her and behaved exactly how i’d hoped she would.  the baby slept the best when she was somehow nestled into my lap on the bed, which i loved.  she latched on like a champ.  i was no longer mad at God because during the c-section, the doctor had found a large tumor on my left ovary.  it was harmless at the time, but he said that if he didn’t remove it then, i’d for sure eventually have to have it taken out (which would mean another surgery).  i was still devastated that i’d had a baby the most unnatural way possible, but it was at least justified.

layne didn’t have a name until she was 3 days old.  we were bouncing around the idea of “july lynn”, but it never sat right with me.  i’m glad. 

today she:

  • says “mama”, “dada”, “buhbah” (harper), “hi”, “bye”, “baba” (baby)
  • waves goodbye
  • signs for milk, more, and eat (working on bath)
  • stands on her own (no steps yet, but she seems pretty close)
  • loves books and balls
  • has a pair of two of the prettiest blue eyes i’ve ever seen
  • is obsessed with food.  will eat anything edible.
  • sleeps great with a binky and her precious doggy
  • starting to get some little curls at the bottom of her head
  • wants to do nothing but follow harper around all day
  • is very mellow and happy 95% of the time

can’t wait to see who she’ll grow up to be!  thank you Lord for such a beautiful, healthy, joy-bringing gift.


7 Comments to “Happy Birthday Layne!”

  1. Katie, I’m so glad you share with all of us. You are so honest with your thoughts, so I love to read it. Layne is beautiful! I need to see her again, it has been way too long. Congratulations on such a *beautiful* family.

  2. i LOVE this blog post. only a mom can write something like that. i am glad you are thinking back to this time a year ago. and, although i’m on the outside looking in, I, too and thankful that God didn’t give you what you wanted in order that the doctor noticed something that otherwise wouldn’t have been seen. i love you sweet katie. you are an amazing mom, wife and friend. laynie, harper, ryan, and the rest of us are blessed to have you in our lives.

  3. Happy Birthday, Layne!!!!!!!! Hope to see you guys soon!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAYNE! This time a year ago I was so jealous 😉 Katie, you have a beautiful family…

  5. Happy birthday Layne!!!! Your Aunt Nat Nat loves you very much!!!!!!!

  6. So precious!! Wish I could have been there to see her dive into that cake!!! Happy birthday laynie!!!!!

  7. I am going to make a strong statement but I can because we have a strong friendship: I hate the name July Lynn and am so glad you vetoed it. You need to correct your blog because she did take a step when I was there and Ryan witnessed it as well. Give my Layngel a birthday hug and kiss from her Aunt Cat!

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