dear blog,

i just wanted to write to you and say i’m sorry.  i’m so sorry that i neglected you this week.  i was very busy and adhering to a strict routine every day.  it went something like this:

  • wake up
  • lay around in pj’s (getting real clothes on before putting on bathing suits is not allowed)
  • eat delicoius breakfast made by Dad
  • change into bathing suits and make sure everyone was “sunscreened”
  • head to the beach (play in the sand, play in the waves, explore things on the shore left there by the tide, eat popsicles, sit in a chair and do nothing, etc)
  • take the kids to the pool to rinse off while we made thier lunches
  • ate lunch (sometimes mine shockingly consisted of simply a brownie and some pretzels)
  • put kids down for naps then forced myself back down to the beach or the poolside to lay on a chair and nap or do a sudoku puzzle
  • swim in the pool with the kids until it was time to shampoo hair and scrape all of the day’s sand off (mine and the kids’)
  • eat a well-deserved delicious dinner with 9 other adults and 5 kiddos (all that lounging and swimming and scraping makes for a big appetite)
  • put kids to bed so we can have homemade ice cream and warm brownies and/or cookies without them seeing us
  • watch tv or play a game or whatever until we head to bed
  • some family members stayed up obnoxiously late to go out to see the nesting sea turtles, but i couldn’t bring myself to put on a coat of bugspray at 1:00 AM when i knew i’d see it on video the next day

and so, dear blog, as you can see, it was a rough week.  my negligence is merited.  you cannot imagine how miserable i was constantly covered in layers of sunscreen and salt water and chlorine and with my stomach perpetually stuffed full of biscuits and brownies and blackberries.  i hope that my breaking my “no computer on sundays” rule means something to you.  alas, i must leave you again to go catch up on the piling clean laundry and the crumby under-the-highchair floor.  have no fear, though, dear “blessed”.  i’ll be back in sooner than a week…today started business as usual.  vacation is no more.


3 Comments to “dear blog,”

  1. we watched for sea turtles at ponce and never saw any.

    nice use of the word “alas.” want to write a paper for me? 🙂

  2. sooo cute! glad you were able to be on vacation!

  3. Sounds so nice! Sad for you that vaca has ended but glad to have you back!

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