to do

here’s my list of things i need to get done before we leave for sebastian on saturday.  actually, we’re playing paintball on saturday morning (for a friend’s birthday), so really it’s things i need to get done by friday….

  • box and mail courtney’s birthday gift
  • finish and wrap sherry’s birthday gift (no “don’t worry about that, katie” comments please, sherry)
  • justin’s birthday card (and maybe a t-shirt?)
  • t-shirt design for emily (pbghs)
  • finish & e-mail stationary design for jessica
  • haircut
  • get ryan some b-day thank you cards
  • layne’s birthday t-shirt
  • sweep/mop kitchen floor
  • sweep/”shine” wood floor
  • pick up porch
  • sweep porch
  • dust everywhere
  • make harper a “chore chart” for the fridge
  • vaccum the girls’ room
  • wrap or bag layne’s gifts (we’re celebrating her b-day on sunday so that ryan’s family can come too)
  • go through portfolio to choose images for the new website
  • PACK!!!

5 Comments to “to do”

  1. OOO I like the second item on the list!!!!! hehe

  2. you can cross at least one thing off this list. 🙂

  3. You found your camera! yay! Also why don’t you put clean floors on harpers chore list then you can cross those of too 🙂

  4. The birthay celebrations were fun…highlights were seeing Loo play in the pool…Owen and Harper sitting in the waves and laughing at each other…and Harper’s “Erin, that was so SWEET of you” comment. Oh yes, and tell Ryan the fish dip was also a highlight.

  5. yay! i made it on the to-do list! can’t wait to see what you do!

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