laynie loo

harper’s been in tallahassee for almost a week.  it’s been cool to have time with just layne and me.  she’s so fun right now.  she’s starting to try to stand unassisted by herself (no steps yet, though).  books have recently become an OBSESSION.  she’ll drag a book clear across the house to me in hopes that i’ll pull her into my lap and read it to her.  she is constantly pointing at anything and everything and nothing.  i know this is completely normal, and i remember harper doing it at this age, but it’s still funny when she does it.  the other day in the car she was dancing with her arms…it’s the first time i’ve seen her show any reaction to music and it was really cool…since then i’ve seen her dancing by bouncing up and down, just bending her knees.  cute.  she’s still babbling quite a bit.  a few actual words we’ve heard her say so far: mama, dada, hi, bye, ba-ba (baby), uh-oh (uh-uh), and she tries to “moo”, but it just comes out like “mmmm”.

every day is more fun than the last!


One Comment to “laynie loo”

  1. So glad you’ve had some good time with just Laynie…that book thing is so cute. She’s a deep one.
    We so appreciate your adjusting the whole 1st celebration to include us…thanks!

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