it’s weird to be at home on a sunday morning…  ryan went out on the drift boat early this morning, so i’m waiting on him to get home and we’ll go to the late service.  layne loves this plan because she actually gets to nap in her own bed as opposed to not napping at all like most other sundays.  here are some random things going on right now:

  • on friday my friend kristen watched layne all day so i could drive harper up to gainesville (to my sister’s).  mom had driven down with owen (my nephew) and was picking up harper, and hannah and justin (my sister’s kids).  on the way home i stopped at an outlet mall in orlando for a few hours.  it was so nice to just wander around for a little bit and take as long as i wanted in each store.  everytime i saw a stroller with a kid in it (which was like every 4 seconds), i would gigle silently out of sheer delight that i wasn’t pushing one.
  • i just stumbled upon this article and it made me so incredibly sad.  i am scared to death of what America will be like when my girls are old enough to marry.  sometimes i feel like the most important parts of our lives are being chipped away and there’s nothing we can do about it.  i hate living in such a selfish indulgent world.
  • ryan’s off work on friday and then saturday we’ll be driving up to the beach house in melbourne/sebastian for a week.  i can’t wait!  this is the first year we’ve had a repeat for the BFR (buerke family reunion) location and it’s so much fun to know where we’re going and what to expect.  it’s also fun to think about where we were last year at this time.  crazy that it’s been a year already.
  • since coming back from NC a week ago, i have had ZERO motivation to do anything.  cleaning supplies have been sitting on the counter in the girls’ bathroom for a week.  i cooked no meals last week…seriously.  everything was either frozen or from the pantry.  i should be ashamed of myself letting layne set one finger on our filthy kitchen floor, much less letting her crawl all over it.  i just dried a load of laundry that sat in the washer for 3 days.  i have no idea what’s gotten into me (or out of me, i guess), but i don’t like it.  granted, i wasn’t feeling great for the first 2 or 3 days we were back, but man i need to snap out of it.  i need to go work on my bible study right now, actually. 



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