NC pictures IV: random

IMG_1110this is us on a walk around the “neighborhood” where the house was.  it was a paved road with huge steep hills.  layne LOVED riding in this carrier thing (thanks, charlene!).  i think harper was a little jealous, although she was piggyback on me for much of the walk…she even ate a snack while she was riding.  here are a few more of the same walk/hike/whatever:

the next one is a picture of my toes after harper painted them for me.  can’t remember if it was her idea or mine, but she had fun.  the excess came off after like 2 showers.  looking at this picture, i’m thinking: my feet are SO different than they were before i had kids.  why does pregnancy change EVERYTHING?


this is ryan trying to pull a huge splinter out of harper’s big toe.  she was absolutely hysterical…i’m sure it hurt, but it was her first splinter, so i think she was more scared than anything.  look how white her little knuckles were…i told her to squeeze as hard as she could and it wouldn’t hurt so bad…i was trying everything to get her mind off of it.  i pinched her arm (which just made her madder), shoved a popsicle in her face, and something else that i can’t remember now.  when he finally got that thing out i burst into tears.  it was so hard to see her freaking out and being held down like that…i have so much sympathy for moms with sick kids…i cannot imagine watching doctors work on my kid all the time.

this picture is pretty self-explanatory.  i love harper’s new carseat, but it’s one disadavantage is that it doesn’t recline unless the seat it’s sitting on does.  this one didn’t.  it hurts my neck just to look at her.


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