NC pictures III: the house

IMG_1107the house we stayed in was great.  it was fairly secluded, cozy, roomy, and had everything we needed and more (there was a ping pong table in the basement that we really never got around to using).  here are some pictures of the happenings at the house and of the views from the house.

first, a pancake breakfast.  we ate GOOD while we were there.

next, a smokey mountain sunrise.



sunset from the deck

another view of another sunset

this picture didn’t really come out (why can i still not figure out what ISO to use when?), but it shows another view from the deck…

the girls had fun watching the sneaky squirrel…he was alot more persistent that i think i’d be…that birdseed must be really good.

harper’s tent and the awesome porch swing (looked out to the lake).  i miss that swing!!



shooting gordon’s pellet gun.  they set up some “targets” in the yard (mostly trash…pizza and cereal boxes).  it was alot of fun to shoot…even harper tried it.


playing with some “shooters” (water guns).  i think this was one of harper’s favortie things we did…maybe because when her clothes got too wet i let her take them off.  she kept telling erin and i to get naked too.


“exploring”.  she really did figure out how to see through them.  i think in this picture she’s trying to look at what daddy and opa are shooting.


one night as we were going to bed there was a crazy lightning storm.  it was so cool because we went out on the deck to watch and take pictures and it took a good 20 minutes for it to reach us…after that we went in a turned off all the lights and watched it from inside.  i’ll never forget that.


i like this picture.  i think he looks like a little garden statue.



2 Comments to “NC pictures III: the house”

  1. you know i am not a fan of lightening, but that is an AWESOME picture!

  2. Love the picture of the giant stack of pancakes it is making want some really bad right now!

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