NC pictures II: fields of the wood

this is one of the wierdest places i’ve ever been (in america, at least).  yes, i am a christian, and yes, i love God’s word.  however, to see the 10 commandments written in 4 foot tall concrete letters and laid out on the side of a hill doesn’t move me to feel…anything, really.  we stopped here on our way home from the waterfall (that’s why, you’ll notice, harper is still only wearing her Jane Fonda getup).


(at the bottom of the hill there was a replica of the tomb that didn’t look AT ALL like what i think the real tomb did, a hill with 3 crosses, and a pathway up the other hill that was lined with Psalms monuments or something…we didn’t go over there)



there were stairs inside the big “book” at the top…we climbed up on top of it, but you couldn’t get close enough to the edge to get a picture of anyone looking down.



2 Comments to “NC pictures II: fields of the wood”

  1. I agree. That’s weird!

  2. very strange!

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