NC vacation, (belated) part 3

thursday morning i woke up still not feeling so great.  gordon, erin, and ryan had been gone since 7:00…we’d rented a pontoon boat for the day and they were trying to do some early morning fishing.  didn’t catch a thing.  the rest of us joined them for lunch and we rented a tube to pull behind the boat.  we cruised around and stopped at a little waterfall that we’d been directed to on wednesday (by the marina staff).  harper hated riding on the tube…she was scared to death…surprised us all.  we parked the boat and all went back up to the house for a nap/rest.  after naptime and an early dinner, sherry stayed home with the kids (thank you) so the rest of could go back down to the boat.  we tubed and rode around until 7:00 when the boat had to be back.  it was alot of fun…very relaxing to just sit in the front of the boat and feel the wind on my face.  after the kids went to bed that night, we played uno spin.

on friday morning, the guys stayed with the kids so erin, sherry, and i could go into town (about 30 minutes away) to some antique stores.  we had a good time browsing, but made no major purchases…i got an antique postcard for ryan (monkeys riding a tricycle) and erin got harper an adorable pair of slip-on keds at a consignment store.  as soon as we got back to the house, ryan and gordon and i all threw some sandwiches in a bag (thanks once again to sherry!) and took off for the nantahala river.  erin decided not to go because she did something to her knee on thursday and it was really hurting her.  we missed her, for sure, but i think she made a wise decision.  we went rafting for about 2 hours (great time…wish i’d have risked taking my camera because we never got wet above the waist) and then headed back through town to pick up some zaxby’s for dinner.

saturday was the drive back to orlando.  i hardly slept on friday night because layne was up alot and i was coughing all night so i was TIRED and grouchy, but the trip went pretty well.  we got back around 6:00, had some pizza, and harper got in the pool for a little while.  ryan and i headed home on sunday morning.  my house is a disaster, still, and i really shouldn’t be blogging, but layne is asleep and harper’s watching a movie…

next post: pictures!


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