NC pictures I: the waterfall

this place was called coker creek falls.  it took us about an hour and a half, two stops, and some time on the internet to find it, but when we did it was well worth it.  these types of places are pretty much ideal to me…running water, big rocks, and no crowds.  it was so fun to get to share it with harper…she loved it (as you can tell from the first picture).

ryan told her to stand on the rock and not to move.  she obeyed.  🙂

the girls on the trail…this place would’ve been cool even without the water…the trail was very well worn, but still a little challenging…parallel with the side of a hill.



wedgie.  🙂2009_06_16_1207

coming in from testing out the current speed for us.  (yes, i’m kidding)2009_06_16_1162


3 Comments to “NC pictures I: the waterfall”

  1. LOVE the one of Ryan & Harper sitting on the rock w/ their backs facing the camera- so sweet! & the 1st one of Harper- holy cuteness!

  2. Oh, it brings back such fun memories….I’ll be enjoying the memories from this trip for a while…I am so blessed with a great family!

  3. Love these! I love rocks and flowing water too, such beautiful scenery!

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