NC vacation, part 2

everybody else is at the pool.  i’m not feeling well today…started to lose my voice last night and this morning i just woke up all achy and feeling beat-down.  it sucks to be “sick” on vacation, but honestly, i’d rather be sick here while i have help than at home when i have to be a sick mommy.

i’m “lounging” on a loungechair on the back deck, once again taking in the fantastic view.  i was out here for about an hour before i went in to get the computer, reading, and not reading…just lounging.  it’s so nice just to sit and listen to the many many birds and to watch the boats paint lines on the lake.  there’s a hummingbird feeder and a seed feeder about 10 feet in front of me and lots of birds are taking turns getting a snack.

the expedition just pulled up, so i need to wrap this up (time for dinner and the kids’ baths), but here’s a re-cap of what we’ve been up to since my last post:

  • yesterday morning we headed into “town” for a flea-market that i’d seen on the way here saturday (we figured a tuesday flea market had to be good for antiques and what-not).  turned out to be crowded and hot, but fun…good for a change of pace.  [all i bought were some “pop-it’s” that harper is now popping on the deck next to me.  she throws them as hard as she can, and then if that doesn’t work, she pounds them with a fly swatter.]  erin got some really cool gold owl bookends for $5. 
  • after lunch and naps (everybody but layne…UGH), we headed out in the expedition to find a waterfall to hike to.  when we finally found it (after about an hour), the trail and the waterfall were SO much fun.  i can’t wait to post pictures, but even they won’t do it justice.  it was a wide creek littered with huge dry rocks to climb on…i seriously morph into a 10 year old anytime i’m around a combination of running water and rocks, but this time it was even more fun because harper was wading in the calm water and jumping across the rocks just like we were (with help, of course).
  • we’ve played rummikub the past few nights….once we figured it out, it was alot of fun.
  • this (late) morning, we set out to go fishing on the lake…thought we’d get a canoe or two.  sherry stayed here with layne…she doesn’t care much for fishing.  i was close to staying here, but figured i’d go and help with harper, even though i didn’t really feel like fishing.  i was so glad i went because gordon ended up renting a pontoon boat for an hour.  it was so fun just to cruise the lake and watch harper swim with aunt erin.  we’re renting it for a full day tomorrow…hopefully i’ll be feeling up to going out on it for a few hours.
  • we came home and took a nap and i’ve pretty much felt like crap since i woke up.  luckily there are eager hands helping with the kids (thanks guys!!).  off to dinner.

love to all!


One Comment to “NC vacation, part 2”

  1. hope you feel better!

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