NC vacation, part 1

this is my third try to post from the NC vacation house.  i’ve tried twice from the desktop computer they have here, and both times i’ve given up on waiting for my dashboard to load.  i think the internet is satellite, but for some reason ryan’s laptop is much faster.  so, here i am and of course the batteries are about to die.

okay we’re good…i’m plugged in.  unfortunately, needing to plug in meant i had to come in to the couch instead of posting from the porch swing on the deck with the INCREDIBLE view.  i don’t have the capabilities to easily post pictures, so i’m just going to wait until i get back and then i guess add them in later.

we’re finishing up day two in the NC smokey mountains.  the house we’re staying in is nestled (cliche’, but the only word i can think of to really describe it) high on a hill above a lake.  the back deck lends an amazing 180 degree view of 30 different shades of green, the glassy lake, and layers upon layers of blue, charcoal gray, and dark green “mountains” (they’re small mountains…more like huge hills).  the entire back side of the a-frame house is a wall of windows.  it’s been so calming to constantly be hit in the face with such a view…to wake up in the morning and barely be able to see across the lake due to the “smoke” that covers everything, and then to see it descend again around this time of night (8:30…and it’s still light out).  layne got up early yesterday (around 7:00) and it was the first morning in forever that i was actually happy to be awake and outside.  we sat on the swing for probably 30 minutes, just watching the light grow and listening to the birds.  the birds have been one of my favorite things so far…actually, i guess i should say the QUIET has been.  it’s so quiet [so ironic that as i’m typing that harper is screaming crying because she doesn’t want to be in bed] that you constantly hear bugs buzzing everywhere.  both yesterday and today i’ve taken a nap on a lounge chair on the deck and both days i’ve been woken up by the buzzing.

here are some things we’ve been doing:

  • eating yummy food (if you don’t indulge on vacation, it’s not a vacation)
  • walking/running along the steep roads around the house
  • trying unsuccessfully to blaze a trail through the woods to the lake, and then finding one already there like 2 hours later (erin and i and harper)
  • harper swam in the lake for about 10 minutes.  after she got out, her panties (impromptu bathing suit) looked like they’d been soaked in brown dye.  ick.
  • when we got back from the jaunt down the lake, both erin and i found ticks on us (erin’s was crawling down her face!).  when harper woke up from her nap, the first thing she said was that she’d seen a tiny black crab in her bed.  ACK!  we’ve checked her 3 times for ticks since then..another one dropped on ryan’s arm today.
  • gordon (dad-in-law) brought a pellet gun.  i didn’t realize how much fun it is to shoot one of those things.  there are about 5 homemade targets in the yard right now and he’s already gone through one tin of pellets.  even harper tried it (with help, of course).
  • last night while playing barefoot on the deck, harper got her first real splinter.  it was about a half inch long stuck in her big toe.  i was the only one not really into helping get it out, so i took a picture of the ordeal.  it is a picture i’ll never forget and i can’t wait to post it.  she’s all white-knucked and red-faced while being held down and worked on.  i didn’t realize how calm i stayed until that darn thing was out and i started gushing tears.
  • forgot to mention this: the trip up took almost exactly 12 hours.  that included 3 stops (one at chick-fil-a for lunch/playtime, one at a gas station for gas/potty, and one at wal-mart for groceries/sanity just before we got here).  the kids did great except layne toward the end who was exhausted, but decided she’d rather get ticked off and just cry instead of sleep.
  • today we went down to the development’s pool and playground for about an hour.  it rained on us, but it was still fun.
  • erin loaned me a book that i am LOVING:  “The Brothers K”.  she’s been reading it for awhile and just finished it and  kept it out for me to read this week.  it’s really long, so i don’t know if i’ll finish it, but it’s been nice to just sit and read for an hour at a time.  i never really do that at home without feeling like there’s 20 other things i should be doing. 

i’m off to get some ice cream.  can’t guarantee it, but i’ll try to post every few days.


3 Comments to “NC vacation, part 1”

  1. i love the crab in her bed statement. so cute. oh how i miss her. and her sister. and their parents.

  2. Really?? I mean seriously…did you have to go into that much detail about your view, its just cruel 🙂 HA! Just kidding, its sounds AMAZING! Glad you are having a good time!

  3. eww! ticks make me crawl for days after! sounds like a great time!

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