god is great, beer is good, and PEOPLE ARE CRAZY

i guess i’m in a country music mood lately. 


when signing the kids into the kidzone at the gym the other day, i noticed that they’d put up a new sign and changed the check-in sheet because they were starting a new policy.  the sign said that there is now a 1 1/2 hour limit to the free child care.  after 1 1/2 hours, it will cost $2 per half-hour.  i glanced at the sign and thought, “oh i’m definitely not affected by that…the most my kids are ever in here is like an hour and 3 minutes.”  but then i thought, “wait, who the heck does leave their kids in her longer than 90 minutes?!”  i asked the girls who were working at the time why they needed to change the policy…were that many people really leaving their kids in there for that long?  they answered me toegether, “oh my word, YES!”  these girls proceeded to tell me that there are women in my gym who will leave their kids in the kidzone for THREE HOURS.  they leave and go to starbucks, publix, whatever.  one long wall of the kidzone room is a floor to ceiling window.  these moms will leave the gym, walk by the window, stop and knock and mouth to their kid: “mommy will be right back.”  SERIOUSLY!?  who does this?  one of the big reasons i’m motivated to go to the gym is just to get a break from the kids, so i’d be lying if i hadn’t thought about how nice it would be if i could just leave the kids in there and go somewhere, but who would actually DO IT?!    

we leave for NC tomorrow, so i’m not planning on setting any posting records next week.  don’t hate me for it.  (however, they do have internet, so i’m sure i’ll be back before too long…)


4 Comments to “god is great, beer is good, and PEOPLE ARE CRAZY”

  1. oh my gosh..I have a similar story. Alexis had surgery on Friday morning to put tubes in her ears so we had to be at the hospital at 6:30 a.m. and she couldn’t eat or drink past midnight the night before. So she had her bedtime bottle at 8 p.m and that’s the last thing she had. While I am waiting for her to get taken back to surgery, the next kid in line is sitting next to us, with her parents stuffing their faces with breakfast and coffee. The nurse nicely asked them not to eat or drink in front of the children since they were not allowed to and the parents said “well we need our morning coffee and she (their daughter) is grumpy anyways.” obviously they are into torturing their kid in order to satisfy their own needs. ugh!

  2. that is depressing 😦 what is wrong with people!

  3. the coffe thing is so bad.. geez.. poor kid. youre not allowed to leave the building at our gym! i walked out to the car with my friend to get her towel the other day and freaked out bc i realized i had LEFT! i was only gone for a minute.. but still, its a MAJOR nono.

  4. unbelievable… i would never have thought someone would do that! yowza!

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