out with the old…

i got these flip-flops when i was pregnant with harper (2005).  needless to say (after posting the picture), i needed some new ones.\


so, i finally broke down and got a pair of these a few days ago.  i was so excited that as soon as i walked out of the store, i ripped off the tags and put them on.  i love having an “old reliable” pair of flip-flops that are molded to my feet and that i can wear with anything.  can’t wait for these to be broken in.

also, the girls are both graduating car seats this week.  we’re not getting rid of this one (layne’s getting it), but i just thought i’d post a picture for posterity’s sake (and to show how dirty it is after a year of not being washed).


here’s harper’s new carseat.  ryan wanted to get a brown/black one, but i was kind of a brat about it…i really wanted pink.  i figure if i’m the one driving it around 95% of the time, i should get to choose the color.  she was really excited when she saw it today, but after about 2 minutes riding in it, she got wierded out and said, “i want my other seat back.”  i’m guessing she probably just felt really naked.  oh well, she’ll get used to it…especially after sitting in it for TWELVE hours on saturday.

Graco - Turbo Booster Car Seat, Annette

i’m so stoked for our trip, but i am really dreading the drive…laynie loo has been a fussy mess the past few days.  we may have to take a trip to the doctor’s office in the morning.  harper’s had some puss in her eye and today layne has it.  yikes.

love to all!


2 Comments to “out with the old…”

  1. sad day with the flip flops. i think i was with you when you bought them. i am trying to recall…

  2. you getting rainbow’s = me getting extremely jealous!

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