i thought i loved you then.

brad paisley has a song out called “i thought i loved you then“.  it goes through the stages of a relationship, essentially a marriage, and talks about how i love you so much more now than i did then.  really sweet and, in my case, really true.

ryan’s birthday was yesterday and i’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with a memorable post to “dedicate” to him since he reads my blog every night.  i really have nothing super cool to say about him, so i’ll just say this to him:

this was the 10th birthday of yours that we’ve celebrated as a couple.  i don’t remember what we did to celebrate you turning 21, but i do know that i thought i loved you then.  little did i know how amazing of a life we would have together and how blessed we would be.  you are an amazing encourager, hard-working provider, solid Believer, and the perfect father for our children.  you are truly my best friend and i can’t wait to look back in 50 years and say, “i thought i loved you then.”


 happy birthday buddy.


2 Comments to “i thought i loved you then.”

  1. Aw. You made me tear up. Looking at that wedding picture makes me think three things about you, Ryan: how skinny you used to be (now you’re more filled out/aka. manly); how I will now admit that I am a look-alike-She-Ryan; and how much I love you. I’m proud of the person you are and I’m so glad you and KT found each other.

  2. Oh my goodness Katie, you brought tears to my eyes as well! I always enjoy reading your blogs and this was extra special. May God bless you both this year with lots of sweet moments and memories to come! Happy Birthday Ryan!

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