we had a good weekend.  ryan came home early from work on friday afternoon, so we took the girls out to eat (well, we took ourselves out to eat and the girls had to come too).  so nice not to have to cook.  after the kids were in bed, ryan and i watched “the curious case of benjamin buttons”.  i was a mess.  the movie was good (although the 80-year old baby thing really disturbed me), but something about the concept really depressed me.  don’t know if i was being hormonal or what, but i couln’t stop crying even after it ended…i cried myself to sleep.

saturday morning harper and i went to the pool while layne took her morning nap so ryan could have some time to himself to relax.  it was so nice.  it’s great that she’s such a good swimmer now because i can just lay on a chair and watch her.  i did have to jump in once after her (yes, i had my suit on) because she got caught upside down in her floaty and she got freaked out, but other than that, it was pretty relaxing.  there are usually alot of people at the pool on saturdays, but we went early enough that those people weren’t up yet.  by the time we left, there were 4 or 5 others, but they were all just lying in the sun so harper still had the pool to herself.

later, i went to the grocery store to get all the stuff i’d need to ryan’s birthday dinner on sunday.  took a short nap…not as long as i’d have liked because the thunder was really loud and it woke the girls up early from their naps.  harper watched lady and the tramp and then both girls played for a little while outside in the little pool in the rain.  after layne went to bed, harper helped me make a cheesecake.  

we were actually on time for church yesterday which is a RARE occurance, so that was nice.  pastor is working through the book of James right now and i love it…so practical and deep at the same time.  went to a quick lunch with kathleen and brian and jonas…the place is small and it was packed and the kids were antsy…good company, though.  🙂

except for 45 minutes at the gym (which was awesome, because it was me and 2 other people in the whole place!), the rest of my day was spent getting ready for ryan’s birthday dinner…peeling potatoes, chopping veggies for the salad, making another cake (chocolate mayonnaise), picking up, vaccuming, etc…  we just had a few close friends over…didn’t want a huge crowd.  i made all of ryan’s favorites (that i cook) and it turned out to be a pretty southern meal: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans with bacon, fried okra, rolls, and salad.  yummy!  it was the first “real plate” dinner we’ve had here in awile…since we got rid of our big table, and i was a little worried about people having to eat off their laps, but it worked out fine.  it was  a nice time of just talking and being entertained by the kiddos.

ryan’s actual birthday is today.  he’s 31.  i hate when his birthday comes because that means mine is only 5 months away.  i’m so not ready to be 31.  anyway, i need to run and make him a card and pick up a little before the girls wake up.  we went to the pool this morning, so hopefully they’ll nap a little longer than usual.

tomorrow, a post in honor of the birthday boy man.


3 Comments to “recap”

  1. Mmmmmmm! It sounds like you made a delicious feast! Love, Goddess

  2. what the heck is a chocolate mayonnaise cake??!

    ps. I’m commenting at 3am 🙂
    pss. I just noticed that you rearranged your blogroll! It feels a little silly being amongst all that talent!

  3. I was wondering the same thing as Kathleen….what is a chocolate mayo cake? It must be the bakers in us!!!

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