price is right

one of my favorite things to do is go to thrift stores.  the biggest and best i’ve ever been to is in lake worth.  it’s called world thrift.  i’ve blogged about it before.  when our kids were smaller (and layne didn’t exist), my friend kathleen and i would go at least once a month.  nowadays i really only get down there probably once every 3 or 4 months.  i could easily spend hours there looking through everything they have.  here’s why:

IMG_1064 small

it’s HUGE.  this picture only shows half the store.  it’s basically like wal-mart without the beauty products or makeup or food.

here are the goods i got today.  i’ve done better, but today was a good day.

IMG_1066 small

stand-up toy (what are those things called, anyway?), including 3 interchangeable tops $6; magna-doodle with shape magnets $2; j.crew pants $5; banana republic pants (with the tags on!) $10; american eagle pants $8 [all these are for ryan for work]; sleeper for layne $1; princess towel $4; forever 21 tape t-shirt $4; j.crew rugby $3.  woo-hoo!


5 Comments to “price is right”

  1. I didn’t see the sleeper, very cute! I think you did REALLY good considering the crowd.

  2. awesomeness!!! love your finds!.. yay world thrift!!!

  3. I feel some thrift store calling my name…Erin…Erin…
    which automatically links in my brain to some Havanna’s banana milkshake calling my name…Erin…Erin…

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