so strange.  look where i was a year ago.  i hate the speed time seems to be on these days…although i’m pretty glad i’m not pregnant…it’s more fun to have a  chubby baby than to feel chubby yourself.

one of the craziest things to me about being a parent is experiencing things with harper that i totally remember doing myself when i was a kid.  today was one of those times.  my sweet step-dad neal was in town today.  he’s a truck driver (as in semi-truck) and has been for 30 years.  today was the first time that harper saw his truck since she’s been old enough to really know what it is.  when she sat in that driver’s seat and honked the horn today it was seriously twilight zone for me.  even though it was a different truck (many trucks ago), i SO remember reaching up to that huge steering wheel and honking the horn (i think it was a pull-chain then) and sitting on the bed in the back of the cab thinking it was THE coolest thing ever…harper thought so too. 

IMG_1063 small

(sorry about the blurry picture…no idea why the flash on the little camera wasn’t working, but this is the only shot i got of her “steering.)

IMG_1057 crop


One Comment to “back-track”

  1. O MY LORD!!!! this is just to freakin cute!!!! i so wish i could have been there!!!!!

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