so i’m not supposed to be writing this post.  i have a rule for myself that i don’t use the computer on sundays, but i had to get on the computer to deal with meal ministry and decided as long as i’m on i would pop over to the blog for a minute. 

we had a fun weekend.  friday night my in-laws randomly spent the night with us.  they’re looking to buy an investment home down here, and had a last-minute meeting with a realtor.  they wanted to look some more on saturday, so they spent the night.  it was nice to see them and i know they had fun spending a little time with the girls (even if they did have to sleep on the couch/floor…sorry sherry!).

saturday morning i got up early and went over to this huge rummage sale at a church down the road (jupiter first).  this is the third year i’ve gone to the sale and it is insane.  it is always super-duper crowded and i always find a few good things.  the reason for the sale is to fundraise for mission trips, so it’s not cheap as far as garage sale prices go, but i don’t mind paying a little more (think thrift store prices) if i know it’s for a good cause.  the one item i went intentionally looking for was a booster seat for harper (for eating).  i found a great one with a tray so i can also use it for layne when we need a high-chair (travel or whatever).  it was in great shape and $5.  my favorite purchase was this ADORABLE Roxy teenie wahine dress for harper.  it was also $5, which i would normally never have paid at a garage sale, but look at it:


the tag was cut out, so i had to guess on the size, but i figured that if it was too small, we could use it as a long shirt with leggings, or i could just save it for layne.  we happened to have barrettes that matched perfectly, too.

we had a bunch of people over last night to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday (it was his second surprise party…totally the guys’ idea…really cute).  i think we had 16 adults, 3 kids, and 2 babies (although layne was sleeping, so she doesn’t really count) in our house and it felt SMALL.  however, we haven’t had people over here in forever and it was alot of fun.

the girls slept in this morning (harper didn’t get to bed until almost 10:30), so we went to the 2nd service instead of our normal 9:00.  ryan had a soccer game down south so he was gone almost all day.  the girls and i went to first watch after church for a quick lunch not cooked by mommy, which was nice, then we came home for naps.  layne kept waking up every time i came into the room to take a nap myself, so i ended up just watching SYTYCD on dvr and then real housewives of new jersey (that show is seriously my guilty is so awful, but i can’t stop watching it).

i fed the girls an early dinner and then when ryan got home we headed to the pool for about an hour.  the girls had a ball, however harper randomly lost half of her dinner on the pool deck, so she ended up eating again when we came back.  after layne was in bed and harper was done eating, she joined ryan and i on the couch for some AFV (america’s funniest videos).  we love that show and harper really loves watching it with us.  at one point, ryan looked at her and she had a weird look on her face.  he said, “harper, are you okay?”  she said, “yeah, i’m just happy.”


2 Comments to “rule-breaker”

  1. how cute is her little dress? love it.

  2. starting harper on AFV early, huh? does she laugh like her dad when she watches?

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