on monday evening harper and i drove down to loxahatchee to meet hank the horse.  he belongs to our friends courtney and brenden (they live in jupiter, but hank stays at a barn in loxahatchee).  harper’s been around horses a few times before this, but this was the first chance she had to really interact with one.  she fed him a carrot, learned a little about grooming, and then rode on him for a few minutes.

when we got out of the car, all the horses stuck their heads out of their stalls.  they were excited to have some company, i guess (or they smelled the carrot in my back pocket).

2009_05_25_0983 copy

harper was a little timid with the carrot, so courtney had to pretty much hold her hand up there, but as you can tell, she thought it was pretty cool that hank ate the carrot out of her hand.

feeding hank


2009_05_25_0999 copy

brushing his tail…she loved this.

2009_05_25_1006 copy

carrying tack (sort-of)…

2009_05_25_1011 copy

meeting one of the barn kitties.

2009_05_25_0975 copy

court got on hank to warm/friendly him up a little and harper kept yelling at her, “is it my turn now?”  courtney rides english, so i was a little worried about harper not having anything to hold onto, but she did great just grabbing the front of the saddle.  she wasn’t scared a bit.  she even told me later that she was sad that he didn’t gallop (who knows where she learned what a gallop is).

2009_05_25_1014 copy   2009_05_25_1016 copy

when we left the barn it was about 7:15.  both of us were starving.  i told harper that my tummy was growling saying “i’m hungry!  give me some food!”  she said her tummy was saying that too.  we went to wendy’s, and after we’d sat down and started eating (i think she’d taken like 2 bites), she said: “my tummy is saying thank you!”

so fun to spend one-on-one time with her doing something special.  thanks courtney and brenden, and thanks ryan for staying home with loo.


5 Comments to “hank”

  1. Looks like all of those horses are now members of your family’s fan club–yea carrots!

  2. Aw…good for you KT! Love the pictures!

  3. “my tummy is saying thank you.” i love it. when did she get so grown up? i can barely stand it.

  4. Haha… she is awesome

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