i’ve been such a blog slacker lately.  here’s why:

**photo disclaimer: all of these pictures were taken with my small camera at night.  i realize the quality leaves much to be desired, but i really didn’t want to wait another day to do this post…turns out i never got it done last night anyway**

i’ve been up until at least midnight every night this week.  one night i was up sewing until 2:30 in the morning.  ryan thinks i’m crazy, but i hate to be interrupted when i’m working on this stuff so i really can’t do it during the day.  plus, i screwed up several times and the ended up taking me alot longer than it should’ve.  made new bedroom curtains.  the ones we had before had been there for over 3 years and i had never hemmed the bottoms.  it was either this or buy expensive wood blinds.

IMG_1035 copy 

here’s  a close-up of the fabric (in the picture above it kinda looks like blue christmas trees).  i also made  dark denim accent pillow for the bed, but ryan was in the bed when i took these pictures, so you’ll just have to imagine it. 

IMG_1036 copy

next up is the living room.  made new curtains and FINALLY (6 months later) got some photos into these frames.  the pictures are from our family session with rebekah hood.  it was so hard to find good vertical shots that’d be good in b&w, but i like what i chose.  they make me happy.

IMG_1050 copy

i didn’t make the new pillow covers.  i tried, but like i said earlier, i screwed up.  went to target yesterday and they had these pillows for $9 each.  you can’t take off the covers, but the ones that were removeable were like $20.  i figure i’ll take them to the laundry mat every few months.  they are super soft and harper hasn’t stopped playing with them since we brought them home.  she’s made a bed on the floor like 5 times, a gymnastics mat, and a bed for baby jesus with them.

here’s a close-up of what’s in the frames (agian, the quality of these is terrible, and in NO way shows the amazing-ness of rebekah, but i didn’t want to use my flash)

IMG_1043 copy

IMG_1044 copy

here’s a close-up of the new curtains.  i love this fabric.  it’s called terrarium.  i think i’m in an orange phase.  the ones i took down were orange corduroy.  i loved them, but they were just too “heavy” for summer.

IMG_1047 copy

we got new fixtures for all our sinks the weekend of harper’s birthday (over a month ago).  ryan finally had time to put one of them in.  i love it.  i think it makes the whole bathroom look new again.  (pay no attention to the dork in the mirror.)

IMG_1039 copy


7 Comments to “mini-makeover”

  1. Katie,

    Great job! Love the curtains, picture frames (and orange mats) and the work you did! Looks great! Did you find the fabric for your orange curtains? if so, where? I share your same liking for orange. Did you know I have an orange wall in my kitchen and orange velvet curtains in our guest room…love orange! Take care!

  2. I love it! I want to see it all in person!!!! (especially the people/dork in the pictures!)

  3. My you’ve been very busy lately! I totally agree about needing a large span of time. It’s really hard to stop/start on sewing projects. I just finished my pillows for the living room…we’ve lived here almost 5 years and I have no little ones….I’m not fast!

  4. Love it! I think those pillows were a good choice 🙂

  5. I LOVE it. Especially the curtains with the orange mats in the picture frames…I also love that you stayed up until 2:30…which just further proves that you can’t help but create, you crazy.
    It makes me excited about being able to do some decorating myself very soon…

  6. And please tell Harper that I want to come over soon and help her make a bed for baby Jesus.

  7. I think the fabric we got for our guest room is the same as your family room but in baby blue & white…

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