sometimes when i’m in target…

i tend to give other woman dirty looks.  i don’t think they ever notice, and most of the time it’s not even intentional.  i just cannot handle it when it’s taking me 4 times too long to get through a very short list and one child is screaming at the top of her lungs letting me know that she wants a new toy and the other is insisting that i allowing me to hold her instead of riding in the perfectly good cart.  while this is happening, i walk by some woman in the cards section who obviously has no kids (because even a mom whose kids are older and in school would be at least rushing around looking a tiny bit frazzled) and has obviously been standing in that section reading greeting cards for at least 10 minutes (i know this because, before i had kids, that’s how long i would stand there to pick out a card).  sometimes it also happens while i’m walking past the women’s clothing section, just because i pretty much want to be anyone who is looking around that section by themselves (the look gets even dirtier if they’re with a friend).

like the title of my blog says, i do feel very BLESSED, but sometimes i silently long for the days when i could take my time and look at whatever i wanted or even get through an entire list without giving up and going home without all the things i need.


6 Comments to “sometimes when i’m in target…”

  1. Tonight when I was in Target I thought about you…And was fully aware of all the woman around

  2. And I’m sure that some of those women in Target are noticing your toned self and abeautiful kids and going…how does she do it? or give me some of those…

  3. I totally give dirty looks too! But for me it seems to be more so in the mall because Jonas acts so terrible at the mall and has completely ruined what used to be the happiest place on earth for me 🙂

  4. Your new header looks GREAT ! ! !

  5. I agree…I like your new header.
    I also remember getting frustrated in stores with kids in tow: especially when I got to the check out line, had two kids in the kart, all my grocerys and forgot my checkbook..(only way besides cash you could pay in those days). Being a mom of little ones…you have to give yourself alot of grace and try to find something funny about the whole deal.

  6. OMG, this made me laugh out loud! How do I miss the days of wandering around target reading cards and looking at clothes for no reason. Love you!

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