why must every post have a title?

we’ve been going to the gym in the afternoons, but went first thing today…got to the 8:00 step class at 8:20.  ha.  guess it was a great thing that there were only 4 other girls in there…which was weird, it’s usually packed.  headed straight to publix after the gym, then home to put laynie down for a nap.  while she napped, i put a movie on for harper and i did some work on the computer.  when layne woke up, i fixed lunch and we ate on the porch (well, they ate on the porch…the enormous bowl of cereal i had when we got home from the grocery store was still letting me feel really full).  after lunch, harper wanted to play outside for a little while.  poor layne.  she is so happy when she’s 3 feet away from her sister, but it’s so hard for her to be on the porch…the concrete tears up her knees.  i sat her down and thought she’d figure out pretty quick that that’s how she should stay, but she was so bent on getting around…she was on all fours (hands and FEET) the whole time.  i felt so bad for her i went and got some cheap soccer socks and tied them around her knees to make kneepads.  i forced her knees to the ground to show her that she had padding, but she still refused to crawl.  oh well.  a few more months and she’ll be walking anyway.  here’s a picture of the poor girl trying to get around.IMG_1020 copy

put both girls down for naps at 2:00 and actually got some things done.  no exaggeration: our bathroom had not been properly cleaned in probably 6 weeks.  a clorox wipe here or there, but nothing else.  it was DISGUSTING.  i always say that you never appreciate how good a place looks clean until you see it dirty.  seriously, it was so dirty harper could have cleaned it and you’d be able to tell a before and after difference.  so, it felt good to get that done.

ryan came home a little early so i was able to get to my SoFly meeting.  i got there late, but it was still a great time.  we’ve met several times now so we’re all starting to get to know each other better and it’s always a time of encouragement, laughter, and information.  i left feeling very energized and…well, happy.

and, here i sit.  it’s almost 11:00 and i have to get up fairly early so i need to get off the dadgum computer.  HARPER HAS HER FIRST DENTIST VISIT TOMORROW!  i can’t wait…i think mostly i’m just curious as to how she’ll act and if she’ll be shy or not.  i’ll try to post pictures tomorrow if i have time.  she is so excited about it.  she’s told me at least 3 times that i have to stay in the waiting room.  ha!  we’ve been reading all these books about the dentist so i can only imagine what she thinks will happen. 



3 Comments to “why must every post have a title?”

  1. where did you take her to the dentist? how did she do? I need to take Trey but he doesn’t have dental insurance yet… interested to hear how she did.
    Love the picture of Layne! :0)

  2. i joined your gym! I LOVE IT… Mike and I have been 3 days in a row since we joined. I haven’t braved any of the classes yet- which one’s are good? Oh and the picture of Laynie trying to hobble around cracked me up!

  3. so cute and funny! 🙂

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