growing like a weed

it’s been a great weekend so far.  ryan and i just finished “slumdog millionaire”.  both of us had been putting off watching it, probably because we were scared it was over-rated like so many other “highly acclaimed” films.  it was fantastic….extremely artistic, excellent acting (even the small children were amazing), and not cheesy like we thought.  i’d watch it again in a heartbeat.

standing in waterfriday night as soon as ryan came home from work, we headed over to one of our favorite beach spots (dubois).  the girls and i had been on thursday and seen lots of little fish and i’d mentioned to harper that we should get her a net.  ryan came through for her on his way home friday evening.  she was ecstatic to try it out.  however, when we got there, it was low tide, so all the fish were out to sea or hiding really well.  she had a great time swimming and dragging the net around anyway.  while were were there, we realized that it was layne’s 10-month birthday.  wow!  time FLIES and i feel like the closer you get to that first birthday, the quicker it goes.  my heart is aching.  i’d love to keep her the way she is now for at least a few more months.  here are some pictures from friday and then some fun facts about layne at 10 months old… 

harper jump collage

layne smile

layne waving

mommy & layne


Layne Katharine at 10 months old:

  • she waves “bye-bye”.
  • she says “hi” to strangers and stares at them wondering why they don’t say it back.  she’s recently figured out that sometimes you wave hello to people as well as goodbye.  (when i say that she says “hi”, i mean it literally…it was her first word after “mama” and “dada”)
  • she growls on command.  i’m trying to teach her to do it anytime she sees a picture of a lion or a tiger, but so far it’s not catching on…
  • she eats literally anything you put in front of her and gets REALLY annoyed when it’s gone.  she out-eats harper at least once a day.
  • she follows harper around everywhere (and i swear layne can crawl almost as fast as harper walks…it’s hilarious).
  • she’s developing a love for books (yay!)
  • she blew bubbles in the pool today for the first time.
  • if you say “no-no” to here, she shakes her head vigorously.
  • her hair is finally really starting to fill in.  has a hint of curl at the bottom (yes!).
  • LOVES being in the water (really, she has no choice in this, so she’s just making it easier on herself by not making us force it on her).
  • when we’re at the beach, she eats sand like nobody’s business.  it is disgusting and i have tried everything.  here’s a picture of the only thing that’s worked so far:

IMG_0936 small


4 Comments to “growing like a weed”

  1. Ohhh! I love these pics! Layne is getting so big! I LOVE the one of her on the rock!

  2. okay…so my album of our Ponce Inlet trip last summer has like 10 pics of Jamin eating an apple while walking around the beach- our thoughts exactly! He always loved the sand too! They are destined for eachother! 😉

  3. Oh, I love her so so much! She is so funny; I’m so excited about her personality developing, that little sand eater.

  4. Ok Bob and I saw that movie last night, GREAT MOVIE! And Layne can stop growing any time now!

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