moon, moon, moon shining bright

moon, moon, moon my nightlight…

just sang that to harper as i tucked her in almost AN HOUR EARLY!!  woo-hoo!  she had no nap today, which was a bummer up until now when it’s 7:30 and both girls are asleep already.  ryan’s at soccer and i have a ton of cleaning/picking up/putting away to get done, but i figured i should get a blog in before i get too distracted.

some things annoying me lately:

  • we bought new fixtures for both our bathrooms two weeks ago and so far neither one of us has had the energy to think about starting to switch the old ones out.  if something sits long enough in the same spot, both and ryan and i are terrible about not noticing it anymore.
  • on monday morning we headed over to bagel boyz before getting groceries.  both girls happily ate with me at the table, harper from her “basket”, layne off the table, like usual.  when we were done, a man called me over and said (as nicely as could be), “do me a favor.  don’t let your baby eat off the table.  they clean those things with pesticides and chemicals.”  maybe he’s right…i acted like he was, but i was still annoyed.  and i’ll still let her eat off the table until she learns to eat off a plate.  (ps. best bacon i’ve had in years.)
  • still sick of the fuss everyone makes over adam on Idol.  i hated his performance of “one” last night and was so annoyed how the judges were all so blown away.  yes, the guy can sing.  but is he danny gokey?  NO.
  • i STILL have not dealt with the fact that our double-stroller doesn’t fold down.  i called several months ago and graco said they’d be happy to fix or replace it as long as i paid for the shipping.  that would be a really really big box (keep in mind it doesn’t fold).  a friend at church told me to call again and demand free shipping.  i’ve been putting it off and putting it off.  i need to just bite the bullet because the only use the stroller gets is to and from the gym, which is about 100 yards away.

reasons why i’m happy:

  • last night i had a photo gig and was on my way home around 9:00.  stopped for ice cream.  they were out of all our favorite blue bell flavors, so i went with the buy one get one item: fat boy ice cream sandwiches.  holy cow.  i will be a fat boy if i keep buying them.  i ate two last night in about 4 minutes.
  • chick-fil-a for lunch today and used my green receipt.  woo-hoo!  who knows what i’m talking about???
  • i ran 4 miles on the treadmill this morning and never dipped below an 8 1/2 minute mile.
  • i’m getting to know my new camera…and i like it!

3 Comments to “moon, moon, moon shining bright”

  1. Does your Chick-fil-a have those stick on placemats? Whenever I go there, I stuff 4-5 in my diaper bag and use them whenever I’m at other restaurants That guy sure had nerve to tell you that. I hate it when strangers give parenting advice!

  2. I can’t believe that guy at Bagel Boyz. I think I would have dragged my finger across the table and stuck it in my kids mouth as a response! Well I probably wouldn’t have had the nerve but seriously what is wrong with people!
    ps. you have to stop telling me about good ice cream, we are currently addicted to blue bell and I just don’t think I can handle fat boy ice cream too 🙂

  3. Always love your blog Katie! I nominated you for Queen of Awe-sum. Cheesy, but you are! 😉

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