doh-hon’t stop believin’

i really am going to get back to my normal bloggy self.  🙂

however, the main reason for the title of this post is: my friend kathleen just posted a show about Fox’s new show, “GLEE”.  i too am super duper excited about it.  the previews give me chills…  i’ll be sure to do a post after i watch the preview episode next week.  i’d probably pay to watch it.  i’m that excited.

anyway, one of the things i worked on last week was mother’s day gifts.  i never really want to spend a great deal of money for mother’s day, but i want the gift to be sentimental.  for me, this usually means making something.  this year, i wanted to give the mothers some of the photos from our family photo session in january.  i went to michael’s with really no plan (dangerous, especially when i have both kids with me).  i found these cool blank journals and decided that was the route i was going.  i got the supplies, went home and got to work.  i tried so hard to remember to take a picture of every step, but like i’ve said before, i hardly EVER finish a task all in one sitting, so it was hard to remember to take a picture every time i sat down.  below i will post pictures and tell you step by step how i made the journals, in case you’re interested. 

the blank journal


twisted the plastic-coated wire out of the holes so that i had two seperate flat pieces of cardboard to work with (this also allowed me to determine the number of pages in the album without ripping them out).


coated the front of each piece evenly with mod podge, then laid a pre-measured piece of scrapbook paper on each (the paper overlapped the cardboard on every side by about 1/2 inch).  rub the paper so that you get rid of any wrinkles or air pockets.


next, i sanded the edges until the overlapped portions fell off (i used sandpaper, but you can also use a nail file).  you could easily cut the paper to match exactly and then you could skip this step, but i like the antiqued look that the sanding gives the edges.


next, i used my paper piercer to poke through the holes that had been covered with the mod-podged paper.  i wiggled the piercer around in each hole to open it up as big as it would go.  (pardon my horribly neglected nail polish.  i promise that today it is long gone.)


next, i gathered what i’d planned to use for embellishment and figured out what my layouts would be.  i got the scrapbook paper and little flowers on sale and michaels.  had the dark brown paper, corner-rounder, and beads at home.  the paper that says “family” on it is just some of the blank journal paper that i put through my printer.


after i embellished the front, i mod-podged two more pieces of paper to the insides of the front and back.  we all signed the one in the back and i wrote a mother’s day message.  forgot to take a picture.  next, i twisted the wire back through all the paper and the holes.  this the probably the hardest part of the whole project…very tricky.


here is the finished product, although i am so annoyed with myself because i forgot to take a picture after i put the pictures in it.  i used photo corners (that i’ve had in my craft closet for like 5 years) as opposed to glue, so that if any of the moms wanted to take pictures out and frame them or stick them in their wallet or something that they didn’t have to rip out the page or something.


i made three different ones and my intention was to take a picture of them all together.  ugh.


6 Comments to “doh-hon’t stop believin’”

  1. I really love my album, it is a very big hit! What a treat to have a hand-crafted album and then those great pictures that I saw on the blog but wished I had…now I have a great small size album to take with me. You did so much work on these, Katie, and they turned out so well! Thank You!!!!

  2. You’re so creative! I love it 🙂 Also I had that song in my head all day yesterday…can’t wait!

  3. I stand amazed at your creativity and blessed as a bearer of one of your albums, especially after reading all you did in making them. I have showed it off to everyone I have come in contact with. My grandmother’s prayer group was VERY impressed with it.
    Thank you for taking time to make such a meaningful gift. I love you, Mom

  4. You creative intimidator. I love it…I wouldn’t want you any other way. The moms loved it too!

  5. love it, KT. another reason to open an Etsy shop. 🙂

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