finally a meme

hope everyone had a great weekend!  just found this and felt like doing it (mostly just to read other people’s when i tag them)…

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:

  1. our SoFly meeting on tomorrow night…can’t wait!
  2. weekend in tampa with good friends and NO KIDS (2 weeks away!)
  3. week in north carolina with ryan’s family (mid-june)
  4. week on the beach in melbourne with my family (beginning of july)
  5. my house being clean again
  6. going to the gym tomorrow
  7. starting my tan…i’m thinking this week will be the start of weekly summer beach trips with my girls
  8. bed!  it’s 8:45 and i seriously think i might go to sleep after i finish this (no, i am NOT pregnant…just exhausted for some reason)

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

  1. spent $15 on balloons and $28 on a cake that left us nothing to take home!  i love publix, but they seriously rip you off with the character cakes!
  2. made pancakes for my family and niece and nephew
  3. got a new faucet in the kitchen!  i love it!  i want to post a picture later in the week…i have a funny [i’m an idiot] story to go along with it…
  4. fought back tears all day long because i CANNOT BELIEVE that harper is three years old!
  5. had a great day spent with friends and family…enjoying each other and celebrating the life of my precious little girl
  6. wore a shirt that had previously been too small (yay!)
  7. realized my nail polish is chipping badly again and now i remember why i never take the time to put it on
  8. put a bow in layne’s hair for the first time…she’s finally growing something up there!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. sleep in tomorrow
  2. hire a maid
  3. figure out how to be really good at “call of duty”, my husband’s favorite ps3 game…it would be so fun to play with him and actually be competitive
  4. get a pedicure once a week…or even every other week
  5. get my 1999 body back
  6. get through this HUGE pile of receipts on the computer desk
  7. go to the beach and just lie on a chair a read and/or sleep
  8. be a better/bolder witness

8 Shows I Watch:

  1. the office
  2. 30 rock
  3. lost
  4. jon&kate plus 8
  5. dirty jobs
  6. american idol
  7. friday night lights (although the season is over)
  8. real housewives (great for ironing day)

8 People I’m Tagging:

  1. Amy
  2. Kathleen
  3. Charlene
  4. Alyssa
  5. Tina
  6. Lyndsey
  7. Kati
  8. Courtney

2 Comments to “finally a meme”

  1. Brian plays that call of duty game too and I could seriously never be good at that!

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