getting to know you….

…getting to know all about you.  getting to like you, getting to hope you like me…

i’m intimidated.  i got my new canon 50D on tuesday.  i was scared to open the box.  i have a large fear of failure and this is a really big can of worms.  not only is it learning a whole new camera, but it is investing.  actually, we’ve already made the monetary investment.  now i just have to pay that off and make it worth our while.

anyway, here are some shots i took yesterday while i had 20 free minutes to play around with it (although there is alot more to learn, this camera actually seems quite a bit more user [technical idiot] friendly)…think i’ll post this on the business blog as well…





disclaimer: all of these are un-edited.  yes, i’m aware my baby is wearing nothing but a diaper.  yes, the hair on boots’ hand is annoying me too.


3 Comments to “getting to know you….”

  1. love the pics of your sweet baby girl. and the disclaimer/you are cracking me up.

  2. nice! i bet you are so excited!

  3. Love it! So jealous 🙂 Can’t wait to see your photography get even better!!

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