monday monday.

just trying to get in a quick post before i head over to my photography blog and to fulfilling a much-needed print order.

i just spent 2 hours driving around town looking for an ariel figurine set that i can use to decorate harper’s birthday cake.  her party is on saturday.  it’s mostly just family and our (adult) friends, but i know that she is really looking forward to her cake (she still remembers her cake from last year!), so i’m trying to make it cool.  i wanted to get just a plain Publix cake and put the figurines on it, instead of splurging on the actual Ariel cake, but at this point, it doesn’t look like the cheap route is going to work.  this is not really a kid party…no favors, no pinata, no games or anything, so i want her to have a fun cake and some balloons.

i’m excited about everyone being here…my niece and nephew are coming with my parents and staying with us at night…harper is SO excited.  i just saw my parents like a month ago, but it was really quick, so i’m looking forward to spending some quality time with them.  also, my in-laws and sister-in-law are coming and they always add more fun to the party.  i’m sure i’ll be posting pictures next week…  sniff sniff.  seems like a few months ago i was posting these photos from her 2nd birthday.  i’ve said it once this month, and i’ll say it again:  STOP THIS TRAIN!!!

here are a few pictures from our trip to Texas (or maybe i should say “harper’s trip”):

the new backpack (filled with little toys and her Kitty)


this is when we were in the “train” that takes you to the concourses…she was so excited because she finally could see some planes…seriously, who needs to pay $100’s to get into Disney? 



this is claire.  she’s our…second cousin, i think.  anyway, harper took a liking to her and claire put up with her so nicely the whole time we were there.  i think she was just happy to see another non-adult.  this is a shot of harper while claire was so nicely lugging her around the yard (claire loves to wear her grandpa’s gardening boots…so precious!).


lastly, here’s a shot of ryan and i at our friend ben’s wedding this past friday night (note the green nails, which are now light pink, thanks to too much chipping).  i got that dress an hour before we left at Ross for $7.50.  typical.



2 Comments to “monday monday.”

  1. love the pictures. UM…I LIVE in Ariel land…want me to go get something for her cake?!?!?!!!!

  2. is that tie that Ryan is wearing from our wedding??? 🙂 love it!

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