harper is hilarious.  i’m running around like crazy today trying to get a bunch done while ryan’s here with the kids, but i just had to type this post before i forget this story:

a little while ago, harper and i went out to the back porch to have a picnic.  i set my sub on a barstool while i was setting up our chairs and looking for something to use as a little table.  i looked over next to the wall (over which is a 30 foot drop to the concrete below) and saw her wooden bathroom stool.  “what’s your stool doing out here?” i asked her.  she answered by explaining that she “just wanted to see the road and the houses”.  i’ve recently been trying to explain to her that she can look over the wall when mommy is outside, too, but not when she’s by herself and most of all, DO NOT EVER try to climb it.  so, after she explained why the stool was there, i said again, “mommy doesn’t like that…it’s very dangerous.  you could die.”  just after i said that, i reaced up behind me to grab my sub off the barstool.  i knocked the sandwich and it fell off the edge.  i caught it just before it dropped to the ground.  “whoa,” harper said.  “your sandwich almost died.”


4 Comments to “comedienne.”

  1. Ha! That’s cute! Glad your sandwich didn’t die–that would be very frustrating!

  2. Did you explain to her that your sandwich already was dead and that’s why you were going to eat it; because, people only eat dead things.

    That is a weird thought that just came to mind … or not?

  3. She is hilarious, especially when she is trying to stall bedtime :)!!

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