my nails are painted green. seriously.

i’m catching up on american idol (and facebook and e-mail and my blog) while the girls are napping. they are both EXHAUSTED from our trip, so i have great expectations for some good solid sleeping. texas was great. not that it’s “fun” to go to a funeral and all that surrounds it, but it was so great to be around ryan’s [extended] family and to celebrate the life of his aunt carolyn. turns out everyone else thought she was just as amazing as we did.

[anoop is singing one of my most favorite songs ever…”everything i do, i do for you” from robin hood. he’s kinda corny, but i LOVE this song!]

as most trips like this one go, it was a hectic 3 days. the girls went to bed late every night and layne only really got one REAL nap, but they did awesome as far as behavior and being flexible. harper had a great time playing with the other kids and layne got lots of lovin’ from all the adults. i LOVE ryan’s relatives (and i love that some of them read my blog…hi mark and sharol…haha). it was amazing to get to be around them for a few days again. also, THE FOOD WAS INCREDIBLE. i’m heading to the gym when the girls get up so i can start to burn off some of the million calories i ingested (oh but they were delicious calories…homemade white bread, strawberry shortcake, homemade fried chicken, creamed corn, perfectly sweet tea, etc, etc, ETC…).

our plane left dallas at 7:45 yesterday morning, so we were back at my in-laws’ around 12:30. that was nice. the girls went down for a nap and me and erin (my sister-in-law) and sherry (my generous mother-in-law) headed to a salon for a mani/pedi. it was erin’s birthday, but i felt like it was mine! πŸ™‚ i usually skip getting my fingernails done because i keep them so short and the polish gets screwed up really quickly since i’m always doing dishes and messing with strollers and whatnot. however, sherry talked me into getting the manicure. i’m glad she did, it was great. for some reason, though, i ended up picking dark green polish. i wanted something different…it’s different, for sure. i didn’t know if i liked it at first, but i do. i feel like it’s an accessory or something. something funky short of getting a nose ring or dying my hair red or whatever.

[adam’s voice reminds me of that guy from “the darkness”… i cannot believe some of the notes he can hit. i still am not rooting for him.]

after the mani/pedi we went to dinner at buca di beppos. love that place. ryan and i and the girls didn’t get home last night until about 10:45, so we were pretty wiped, but i’m glad we made the trip last night because i would NOT have been motivated this morning to get up and drive home. layne’s up, so i gotta run. i’ll try to post pictures tomorrow from the trip. harper was STOKED about the plane (and the bus and the tram and the van). it was really cute.

later gator.


2 Comments to “my nails are painted green. seriously.”

  1. love the update. πŸ™‚

  2. consider me “called out”.

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