so, i don’t deny i’ve been a slacker this week when it comes to my blog. i’d like to say that it’s because i’ve been tirelessly editing or cleaning my house or doing laundry or cooking gourmet meals. but, alas, i cannot [say that]. my wonderful sister-in-law erin has been in town since tuesday. we’ve had a great week full of activity. she’s not one to sit around, so it’s been great to have her around to help with the girls or fold laundry or do dishes. you’d think i would’ve gotten alot more done, but she and i are pretty close friends and i can’t shut-up when she’s around. i have several design projects going on right now and some editing to do and un-entered receipts piling up on the computer desk. luckily, a friend needed a babysitter today, so i have an excuse to write a blog. šŸ™‚ if i hadn’t come over here during these kids’ naps, i doubt this post would be happening. [incidentally, i feel super special because i’m typing this post while looking at a HUGE apple monitor…trying not to be jealous.]

we’re leaving town tomorrow to drive to orlando and then fly to texas. ryan’s sweet aunt carolyn died yesterday after a tough 6 months of battling cancer. we’re looking forward to going up for the funeral just to see extended family, but it will certainly be tough to accept the fact that she’s gone. she was one of my favorites. i’m so sad that harper won’t remember her.

i most likely won’t have computer access while we’re gone, so i guess i’ll be taking another little hiatus. my goal when i come home is to blog every day for a week. i’ve slowly figured out that even if i feel like i have nothing to type about, if i take the time to sit down at the computer and post, something always comes to mind…even if it’s not of much substance.

harper’s 3rd birthday is weekend after next and i have seriously been in the twilight zone about it. erin and i went to “floetry” at berean last night…basically a writing (poems, essays, songs, etc) showcase. i was fighting tears the entire time we were there because most of the kids on the stage were kids that i taught 3 years ago who’ve become amazing “mature” young men and women. it’s hard to accept the fact that my kids won’t stay small forever and that some day they’ll be texting and gossiping and getting dirty looks from teachers. seeing those kids and how much they’ve changed in 3 years is going to be my current motivation for appreciating my life TODAY…not looking forward to that next milestone or even to the weekend. i feel SO fortunate that i get to stay home with the girls and that both of them are super healthy…i definitely take it for granted way too often. i keep hearing that john mayer song, “stop this train” over and over again in my head…. i don’t want to grow older. i don’t want to see my parents grow older. i don’t want my kids to grow up and get attitudes.

apparently i don’t want this post to end either. but here it is…

the end.


4 Comments to “slacker.”

  1. Sorry to hear about Ryan’s aunt. If you all have any “down time” while you’re in Otown, let me know. Would love to see you all! Love you lots!!!

  2. I am so sorry about Ryan’s aunt… Your family will be in my thoughts….. So sorry you guys have to go through this…love ya

  3. I know your mother-in-law will need some extra TLC in the coming weeks. Let the Love flow …

    Your comments about all of us getting older, as our lives move through time, is something being a GrandParent has revealed like a slap in the face. God gives all of us a limited time on this earth with our loved-ones … it is our responsibility to make the most of it AND leave something of value for the next generation.

    Faith, Family and Country … GOD BLESS AMERICA where we can all exercise our freedoms.

  4. We so enjoyed seeing you guys in Troup. Thanks for making the long, quick trip. You and Ryan have such a beautiful family. Harper and Layne are so precious and Mom would have loved the time we all spent together.

    Sorry the bees got you guys too!

    Love from Roanoke Texas.

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