cookin up fun

yay!  i got the play kitchen today!  i guess the way to a man’s heart is through his phone.  🙂  ryan came home around 11:00 today to get his soccer stuff and i made him a bagel sandwich.  that sandwich must’ve been so good he was still thinking about it when he left because he walked out without his blackberry.  his office (which is 30 minutes away) is about 4 minutes away from world thrift.  when he called to see if i could bring him his phone, he reminded me how close his office was to the thrift store by saying, “and you could go by world thrift and get that kitchen you wanted.”  sweet.  so i went.  they had the same kitchen that i’d seen last week!  it took me 20 minutes to figure out where in my car that thing would fit.  here’s a picture i took on the ride home.


harper kept saying, “mommy, shut the window!”  i finally said, “harper, does it look like the window would close?”  i didn’t mean for it to sound sarcastic, but it was.  i guess she understood, because she didn’t say it again.  🙂  here’s a picture of harper playing wih the kitchen once we got it out on the porch and got all her dishes and stuff together to go with it.  i think i want to get some of that astro-turf stuff to go on the ground so it doesn’t get so muddy…does water drain through that stuff?


here’s a shot of the shelves i got for the porch.  it’s not a garage, but it looks a heck of alot better than it did before.  ryan says we need to paint the shelves so they don’t warp, but who knows when i’ll get to that.  i don’t really want to spend the time painting them until we know that keeping that stuff outside like that will work (i’m worried about bugs and rain and stuff ruining it).



4 Comments to “cookin up fun”

  1. I am not saying it will look good, but you could tack a tarp over it if you are worried about things getting ruined!

  2. A BIG HOORAY goes out to Ryan on the kitchen decision. Now, both of those “little girls” are happy.

    Come on boy, admit it … that picture of Harper playing in her new kitchen is worth many times over the $20 bucks it cost.

    Besides, if she is going to be a good mother and wife her training should start now .. I think the clothes washer/dryer combination should be next … followed by a vacuum cleaner!

    ONLY KIDDING Ladies !

  3. Is that a baby in her arms? And she’s barefoot in the kitchen. Looks like you’ve got a homemaker in training!

  4. I love the picture of Harper! What a good Daddy (and Mommy) she has to let her have that kitchen!!

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