my day so far

got up, got the kids dressed and fed, did the dishes, got myself dressed, got packed up (or so i thought), and headed out around 9:30.  we were on our way to a petting zoo on palm beach (random, but yes) to meet up with some friends.  walked to the garage and realized that my car wasn’t there (it usually is during spring training season).  got to the car, got the kids strapped in. took off.

[i’m watching last night’s idol.  matt KILLED it.  he is so so so good.]

the petting zoo was actually a special storytime at the society of the four arts on palm beach.  i have several friends who go to it frequently and thought i’d give it a go since it’s been so nice out and i knew harper would love the animals.  it was NUTS.  there were seriously at least 100 kids there, not to mention the one or two caretakers with each of them.  the animals were cool and it was fun to see some facebook friends in real life.

[seriously…scott is TERRIBLE.  people, he doesn’t want you to feel sorry for him because he’s blind.  DON’T VOTE FOR HIM!  i love his shirt, though…i’d love to see ryan in that shirt.]

it took me a ridiculous 10 minutes to round up harper and get to the car so we could meet ryan for lunch.  on the way to wendy’s, i stopped at cvs because i’d neglected to pack anything but puffs for layne to eat…i needed babyfood and REALLY need binkys.  i was at target last night and they don’t carry mams, apparently.  anyway, i unstrapped the kids, carried/pulled them inside just to find that i guess cvs didn’t have any either.  put them back in their seats and drove 10 blocks to wendy’s.  there was a winn-dixie adjacent to wendy’s, so we meandered over there while we waited for ryan to get there.  [megan joy is BEAUTIFUL, but i just can’t see her making a living off her voice.]  got the babyfood and then went to grab the binkys.  they were out.  UGH.

went over and ate burgers/babyfood with ryan/daddy.  after lunch we headed over to world thrift, my favorite thrift store.  i was originally headed over there to look for a play kitchen for the newly cleaned porch, but when i called ryan to tell him they had two and the best one was on sale for $15, he said no.  i don’t know why i was surprised.  my husband is stubborn.  i’ve been wanting to get harper a kitchen for a least a year and a half and he does NOT want one in our house for some reason.  it’s so annoying, but i respect his opinion and would never go behind his back and buy it anyway (i love you, honey!).  headed home and the girls both feel asleep in the car.  layne “transferred” great, but harper was wide awake once i put her in the bed.  i finally made her go to sleep around 3:15, and here i sit.

[adam seriously carries himself exactly like david cook.  i went on and on last season about how cocky david was.  i guess i wouldn’t be surprised if adam won, but i so hope he doesn’t.]

gonna finish up idol, then i need to run to publix to pick up a few things (binkys!) and then we may go fly harper’s kite.  i have soccer tonight, which is always the highlight of my week.  i’m pretty sure it’s our last game (we haven’t won enough to make the playoffs), so that’s too bad…but i’m 30 now, so i get to play in the summer league this year (whoo-hoo!)



4 Comments to “my day so far”

  1. Come on Ryan give em’ the kitchen 🙂

  2. So I know what to get Harper for her birthday! World thrift here I come…you are cracking me up with the american idol inserts, but you are so right! Matt rocked it. Wait till you watch the results show!

  3. Ryan, Ryan, Ryan how can you say no to that little girl who is the LOVE of your life … You figure out if I meant Harper or Katie.

    Suppose she said NO to your X-Box?

    Besides the poarch is clean, so load it up ! ! !

  4. Now, as to the Idol comments….

    The elvis look alike (Adam) will win hands down; after all his name is the same as the first man, so God will make him first on American Idol. ??

    Scott will be runner-up … That’s why they had Stevie Wonder (blind) as a guess star last night. Too bad they put Smokey Robinson with the woman (whoever she was) who looked and acted like a “Happy-hour pick-up” after the 2 AM last call.

    Not, that I would know …..

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