it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

we’re watching dirty jobs.  i seriously never get sick of this show.  even if it’s an episode i’ve seen twice, i can still watch it and be fully entertained.  i do sort-of have a crush on mike rowe, but it’s also just that i love seeing how stuff works or where it comes from.

anyway, today seemed pretty full.  got up and went to the gym this morning (YAY!), then picked up breakfast at mcdonald’s on the way to mom’s group at church (please no comments from the peanut gallery about cancelling out my workout…if you really know me, you know i could care less about eating fast food).  after mom’s group we came home, i fixed lunch, and then it was naptime.  both girls slept GREAT and i powered through the ironing basket…i hadn’t seen the bottom in months.  after they woke up, i was randomly motivated to clean the porch.  we’re making plans to utilize the area more effectively (i.e. get rid of the rusted grill we never use and put a play kitchen out there), so i thought i’d get started.  i moved all the plants down to one end, swept up most of the dirt and leaves, and cut back anything that looked dead.  if you’ve been to my house, you know how our porch is long and skinny.  we’re hoping that moving all the plants to one end will keep the dirt at that end…there’s a low spot in the concrete at the end closest to the area we use the most.  the rain brings all the dirt to that spot and then it just sits there.  i think we’re going to rent a pressure washer this weekend to get it super clean and then hope that it stays that way.  our neighbors on both sides have no plants, and both of their porches are super clean looking.  i hope we don’t have to get rid of all our plants for it to be clean…i like to have some green out there, plus harper loves to water them.

[blue bell rocky road….YUMMMY!] 

before i started working outside, i decided to clean the plastic pool that i almost forgot we had.  layne is starting to crawl and i knew i needed to have a place she could sit and crawl where she wouldn’t scrape up her knees…also where she’d be contained.  i took it into the girls’ bathtub and started spraying it and scrubbing it.  at one point, i grabbed onto the lip of the pool to rotate it around and felt something disgusting.  “oh this thing is dirtier than i thought!”  i looked at the spot, expecting to see a huge growth of mildew and there was a cute little green tree frog.  he was squished up as tight as he could get.  i’d been spraying and scrubbing for about 5 minutes and he hadn’t moved (thank goodness…i would not want him loose in my house).  i finished cleaning the pool and then went to wake harper up from her nap to show her our little friend.  she loved it.  we’ve seen him before out there, but it’s been awhile.  i took a picture hoping to add it to this post, but harper’s asleep in our room so i can’t upload it.  when we got the pool back outside, i picked him up and took him over to the plants.  those frogs are so darn cute!  he curled around my finger like it was a branch.  little things make me happy.

this post is getting long, but one more nice thing about tonight was that we ate dinner outside.  we don’t have a table out there, but i had taken layne’s highchair out there so she could chew on a biscuit when she got fussy, so i figured we’d improvise.  we took chairs out, ryan and i ate off our laps (and put our drinks on a barstool), and harper used the milking stool as a little table to go with her dora camping chair.  we had frozen pizza, due to the fact that i was working outside and all of a sudden realized that i hadn’t even thought about dinner.  it was so nice out and it was great to do something a little different.

i wish i would’ve taken before pictures of the porch…but those of you who’ve seen it will appreciate it when i post after pictures (hopefully soon!).



3 Comments to “it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.”

  1. [blue bell mint chocolate chip…YUMMMY!] 🙂
    we have talked about taking chairs out on our porch but never done it.. maybe tonight! sounded so nice

  2. Katie, I love how you appreciate the little things, and make the most of your too tiny apartment…you’re a good mom and wife…I mean it.

  3. Oh whoops, that comment was by me, your sister-in-law.

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