i’m feeling good…

…i just got back from the gym AND i got a full night’s sleep. 

layne slept 11 hours last night.  oh man.  let me type that again: LAYNE SLEPT 11 HOURS LAST NIGHT!!!!!

we tried formula again two nights ago and for some reason, after many rejections, that time she decided it was okay.  she took an ounce of it then slept for 8 hours straight – her personal record.  last night she chugged 4 ounces at 7:30.  then she slept until 6:30!  i nursed her and changed her and she went back to sleep for another hour.  cue singing angels.  if this means that she’ll want to wean, i’ll be sad, but honestly it’s worth it if i’m getting a full night’s rest.  we’ve had harper in our room the past 4 nights, so we’ll probably do that for one or two more nights, just in case.

i’m so excited about the gym!  this morning i had a microfit evaluation.  i get a free one every 3 months.  so, i’m going to post my results on my blog so that i can monitor my progress.  if you read this and then see me in person, please don’t mention anything containing the words “body fat” or “sit-ups”.  i’m in the 30-39 age range, so i’m thinking that most of the things i scored “excellent” on are just because i’m “young”.

  • weight: 130.6  (i think before i got pregnant i was 128…my goal would probably be 125, but if that means i have to get rid of my nightly bowl of ice cream, than i’m okay at 128.  i haven’t weighed less than that since junior year in college when i was running 6 miles a day.)
  • body fat % : 21, ideal
  • triceps pinch: 14.8
  • side pinch: 16.1
  • thigh pinch: 26.2
  • blood pressure: 92/59, excellent
  • resting heart rate: 50, excellent
  • biceps strength: 67, excellent (i guess lifting the two kiddos all day is good for something!)
  • back flexibility: 40, needs work (sit & reach…this was so embarrassing…my fingertips were even with my heels)
  • push-ups (bent knee): 34, excellent (this is measured by how many you can do in a minute)
  • sit-ups: 5, needs work (to say the least…this is also how many in a minute.  that is not a typo…it really says FIVE.  i was humiliated!)

i am SO excited about the gym.  i don’t really want to leave the kids in the “kidzone” for longer than an hour, so today i only got 20 minutes on the elliptical after my evaluation, but i can’t wait to get a routine going and try some of the classes and stuff (especially spin!).


8 Comments to “i’m feeling good…”

  1. I so want to join!!! Can you give me any info? I wont be posting any of my evaluations though… lol
    So glad Layne is doing well sleeping!!! that’s awesome! Are you going to mom’s group tomorrow? I will probably have my sister in law and nephew with me.

  2. you were making me feel absolutely hummiliated while reading your evaluations, then I read the sit-ups! Not saying that I could do any more than you, but still, made me feel a little better :). I’m super impressed by how great and quickly you’ve gotten back to “normal” after Layne. Great job! And ya for Layne sleeping better!

  3. What can I say … you come from good stock. The apple never falls far from the tree.

  4. Wow–I always knew you were amazon.

  5. YAY YAY YAY for all of this!!! 🙂

  6. sounds like an awesome gym! i want an evaluation every 3 months.. so cool! again very excited about layne:)

  7. yay for the gym!! Did you have to do the push ups right before the sit ups?? Cause that would make it hard!

  8. congrats on the little one finally sleeping! I heard slipping a little cereal in the bottle helps too… 🙂

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