where in the world is osama bin laden?

so, the more i’ve thought about it today (yes i do think about my blog throughout the day…i have make an effort to force adult thoughts into my head), i’ve decided that the posts i like to read most are the ones where people write about their everyday life…true bLOGgers…those who use their blogs as a diary.  therefore, i’ve decided that anytime i’m lacking “quality” material, i’ll just write a “log” of the day.

guess what movie we’re watching.  did you see my title?  🙂  it’s a morgan spurlock documentary – he’s the guy who did “supersize me” (the EXCELLENT film about his 30 days of eating nothing but mcdonald’s).  so far it’s interesting.  he’s gotten a little more hokey since he had a show on tv (28 days or something?), but it’s very informative so far.  [there have been more terrorist attacks in the world in the past 6 years than in the 20 years before that combined.]

this morning after the movie, harper and i hung out while layne napped.  i did some random design work and finally got dressed around 11:00.  packed us a picnic lunch and met my friend kathleen at the playground.  sometimes it’s so nice just to sit on a bench and talk.  we got home right at the girls’ naptime (2:00).  harper decided not to sleep, but thanks to a stack of new library books, i didn’t hear a peep out of her for 45 minutes.

i talked to my mother-in-law for awhile today.  it is such a blessing to have a solid, life-enriching relationship with her.  she is a special gal and i feel very fortunate to have conversations with her like the one we had today.  i love you sherry (and not just when you read my blog, haha).

probably the highlight of my day today was a visit to xpress fitness.  it’s a gym that is downstairs and across the street…approximately a minute and a half from my door (that includes the walk down the hall and the elevator ride).  since layne still isn’t sleeping well at night and i’m up at least twice, it is near impossible for me to wake up at the necessary 5:30 in the morning to run.  the only solution i’ve thought of is to join a gym.  we don’t really have $50 a month sitting around, so i didn’t really think it would happen.  until today.  i can join this gym for $30 a month!  this includes child care and classes!  i’m going for a try-out work-out tomorrow, but i seriously don’t need any more convincing.  i’m just doing it mostly to reinforce my husband’s doubts.  stay tuned.

gotta go.  i’m missing alot of information in this movie and it’s getting good!


2 Comments to “where in the world is osama bin laden?”

  1. $30 with childcare and classes?! that’s awesome. i think you’ll go everyday just for the “free” childcare!! 🙂

  2. Can you leave the kids there and go to the store? Just kidding. Those thoughts do cross my mind every now and again, I must admit.

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